Freetrade daily price chart - Pinch to Zoom and Show Spread

Bought SVT.L at 08:10 BST for 2443 ( excluding stamp duty ) as noted in the contract note.

Freetrade ticker show it at 2444 at 08:11 BST.

However I cannot get it to move to a 2443 price on the Freetrade daily chart. Was it not recorded by Freetrade? I can select 2435 08:03 BST on the daily chart, and then it jumps to 2444 08:11 BST.

Please may we have pinch to zoom on the daily chart?
And may we have bid-ask spead?
Although I’d reasily sacrifice these requests for a USD pot to hold US stock sales in.

Disclaimer: I am new to Freetrade and am testing it out.

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Is this picture from the iPhone version or a beta version or both? The Android app doesn’t have any of that information for me, just a very plain graph of the midpoint price over time.

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What format is the pic from? I don’t recognise from IOS

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I’m fairly sure that’s yahoo finance

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It’s certainly how I wish Freetrade was. Pretty it’s from Yahoo.
Isn’t it really saying this is the info they want to so. Do the Yahoo charts do pinch to zoom on phones? It’s a mouse scroll on the website (I just looked)

Oh, I totally misunderstood. I thought this was the existing chart and they said they wanted it to have pinch added. Makes sense. I got confused as I know there’s a beta version too.

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Apologies for the confusion.

I used the details shown no Yahoo Finance as an example. I can scroll into the graph. I wish we could pinch to zoom into the Freetrade app on the daily graph.

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What you’re asking for isn’t really feasible. You’re basically asking for tick level data, which in itself would be a massive amount of data to store and return to the users.

Freetrade would probably store a sample price every x seconds and use this to create their graphs etc, so there are often times you probably won’t be able to see the exact price you traded at on the graph.


I have a free investing account with ( customer service is inexistent ). For comparison, here are three screenshots from their app, including the place order dialogue with Canadian telco BCE shown as an example. My account is in EUR, but I can specify the currency:

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