FreeTrade deposit has disappeared?

Hi all,

I have over £13,000 deposited to FreeTrade so know the process of depositing.

I have just deposited £120 through the TrueLayer method (bank transfer through the app). The deposit has come out of my bank but has not registered with FreeTrade? It has been around 30 minutes now but usually it is an instant deposit?

How do I get this £120 back?


It would appear there’s a glitch in the system (or so I hope) I’ve also deposited money in the app which isn’t showing, but I also put through some buy and sell orders which haven’t appeared as well, yet the money I had isn’t available. Something’s going wrong somewhere, hopefully it fixes itself before market close at 4.30.

Thank you for the reassurance. Yes, I just tried to deposit another £5 to check the process and that has disappeared too.

Clearly a glitch somewhere! Hopefully that now £125 is either deposited or returned soon!


Mine has just pinged back to life now?

Same here! The £125 is now deposited. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Deposits by bank transfer have only just recently become “instantaneous” but the process happens asynchronously, so there’s no technical guarantee it will arrive instantly.

Basically, your bank kicks you back to the Freetrade app, and Freetrade hopes it has received the thumbs up from their opening-banking middleman, TrueLayer, in the meantime.

If TrueLayer is delayed in sending the response to Freetrade, the money will have left your account, but Freetrade doesn’t mark anything as credited (as they haven’t received any confirmation yet). I imagine they don’t mark anything as pending in the meantime either, as there’s a chance a “transaction” you start (i.e when you get kicked to your banking app) doesn’t necessarily get completed or cancelled (someone may leave the app/force close it), so showing an unfinished transaction as pending isn’t great either.

Rest assured that if the money has left, it’s almost certain that TrueLayer has a backlogged queue of responses to send out to various services and apps, and that the money hasn’t actually disappeared.