Freetrade dividend payment timelines?

Hi there - I just wanted to ask what is the typical timeframe during which Freetrade pays out it’s dividends? I am not asking for any specific stocks.

I have just had a very bad experience on another provider and am considering opening an ISA with Freetrade for the new tax year and moving my funds to supplement my GIA

From experience, it’s usually on the designated payment date or the following day.

Most recent dividend from a US stock was paid T+1.

I also get mine 1-2 days after

So far for me it’s usually within a day or so

Thanks everybody.
Do you also find the £3 per month fees for the ISA worth it? I mean its small but its sort of annoying as you do not have access to the full stock universe.

Get the plus membership then and shove in 4k and it’ll pay for itself, that’s if you have 4k that is

Yes it’s fantastic value for a S&S ISA

Personally, I think the value of the time and hassle saved by not having to track and report transactions for my tax return is worth the price of an ISA. Last year my capital gains (in non-tax-sheltered accounts) were far below the £12k threshold for paying tax, but I had enough buys & sells that it pushed me over the £49k threshold for having to report the transactions. Never again!


What do you mean it will pay for itself? Do they pay an interest on it?

Yes I have ISAs that’s not an issue - got Trading212 and AJ Bell from previous years…

Trading212 i don’t quite feel confident with any more after all the issues they have had recently + they really take ages to pay my dividends. They now have a policy of taking up to 14 working days to pay my dividends!! (crazy!)

They pay 3% on up to 4K if you have plus. Not if you just have the ISA without plus though.

3% on £4K works out at £10 per month, so if you hold £4K in cash Plus account does pay for itself.

If I have a lot of cash in the account I end up buying shares with it, it does take a bit of restraint to hold £4K cash :laughing:

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What dave said above

Oh so it is only if you have cash is it? If you invest it then technically you wouldn’t.

Although i guess if you invested it in a stock which is yielding 5 or 6% it wouldn’t matter and you could still be ok.

Also is there a way of paying for the fees from outside the ISA?

The £3pcm fee is actually taken from your bank card every month, it’s not taken from the ISA funds themselves.

£3 a month for the isa tax wrapper is reasonable. The amount ive made in dividends and capital appreciation has far exceeded this.