Freetrade dividend payments late always

Are you saying that I am to the Freetrade Forums what the ravens are to the Tower Of London? But more majestic and more regal obviously…


Everytime Freetrade send a notification I keep hoping its my VWRL dividend, then I get disappointed :disappointed:

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Could you please give us a update as to whats happening with the late divdends.
I am currently waiting on VUSA, NVDA, TRIG and KO so far.

Its quite frustrating they we have you chase YOU for the money we are owed rather than just putting out a message to say what happening. While we just sit here and speculate, get irradiated and mad. It would also save your team answering the same question regarding the divdends from 1000s of people.
Just a thought.


Morning @bhav

I know the team is working through some of these dividends on stocks with a significant number of holders. Typically around this time of the year we have higher than normal transfers activity. This creates issues with our reconciliations that need to be carefully checked before issuing payments - ie. as a chunk of payments need to be sent out/received from other providers.

I know the team processed some of the big ones on Friday and I’ll check but expect the others to be processed in the coming days.


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QUID is another late dividend, pay date was 28th June & we are now 8th July.

I do like Freetrade but they are weak with dividend info & some late dividend payments.

e.g. QYLP currently showing on my app as having 0.00% dividend which isn’t true, last month Freetrade showed it having just over 20% dividend which also wasn’t correct. (It’s normally around 10-11%)
Always make sure if buying a stock for its dividend that you check with various different sources what the real dividend rate/percentage is.

Having said all this, I’m still sticking with Freetrade as I am generally very positive about the platform

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Can nothing be done to streamline this?

transfer issues shouldnt delay payments for the entire user base imo.


I’m terrified that the whole thing is running on a massive Excel spreadsheet with only one person, its creator, truly knowing how it works or where it pulls all of its data from.

I hope I’m very wrong! We’ve a new CEO these days, maybe this whole process in already on his radar.


If they are using Microsoft products for records … well that would explain it as Microsoft products are not the best.


QUID dividend now paid, so thanks for that.

Dividend info definitely needs tightened up for future

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