Freetrade DRIP capabilities?

Just curious if Freetrade offers this? Or is it easy enough to do as you recieve dividend payments?

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Freetrade does not yet offer DRIP but it is a widely requested feature which Freetrade hopefully consider offering at some point. You can express your interest by voting for it here:

You can pretty much invest whatever dividend you receive within a day for free by choosing the 4 pm option. If you allowed Freetrade app to send you notifications, you will be informed as soon as the dividend hits your account :slight_smile:

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Thats what i was thinking. Thank you so much for the answer

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Once fractional shares are introduced, drips becomes sort of irrelevant since you can reinvest the entire dividend through a basic order for free.

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Hello Freetrade,

I couldn’t see another topic on this subject so i’m creating a new one, sorry if there’s already an existing thread for this.

It would be awesome we could get automatic dividend reinvestment on the shame shares that paid out the dividend. I’m currently using HL as my broker and i love Freetrade and want to move my whole portfolio over, but have resisted because I don’t want to do this manually for now.

Not sure if you have this on your roadmap but once it’s in i’m moving everything over!

Keep up the great work!

It would be great if dividend payouts had an automatic option to reinvest, thus compounding profits on a regular basis.

Hi @Dulcie

Worth searching before starting a new thread.

A great idea, but of little use until we get fractional shares on UK stocks.

HL have this without fractionals, The money just accumulates til it’s enough for a full share. although that could take a long time if you only have a handful of shares

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How about auto reinvesting dividends ? This would be a useful thing to either toggle on or off.

I suppose it’s possible to top up automatically from your bank account, but can you buy stocks automatically in Freetrade?

Not yet. You need to give the order yourself. But once fractional shares are introduced soon, this should be easier.

Autopilot is still under development and would expect it to be released by mid-2020, especially given 212 are releasing their version by April.

Also, there’s already some threads like this one on the topic that could use your :ballot_box::


Feels like it’s been pushed back because I can’t see it on the roadmap and it has not been mentioned much since around April 2019.


Frustrating, hoping it’s been quietly worked on and not shelved indefinitely. :freetrade: need more (quality) engineers at this stage! Development output in customer facing features need to speed up, not slow down.

I want this as soon as reasonably possible:


Useful comments. Thank you.

Trading212 have just positioned themselves to be by far the best broker in the UK by functionality. They’ve just released their auto-reinvesting feature with automatic re-allocations.

If FreeTrade doesn’t respond with this feature within 6 months, I fear the battle is lost.

FreeTrade may be young but once people get used to the new advanced features on 212, they’re unlikely to switch.

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Would love automated investing for my monthly etf stocks ASAP please!

It need Freetrade to do my cost averaging for me and save me from myself… I need to stop trying the time the market - I wait too long and fail to buy the dips!


Any updates on the feature


They have to introduce UK fractional first, then you can expect the auto-invest to follow.

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