Freetrade in the news 🗞️

Coincidence? I doubt it - well spotted. So it’s confirmed £17 share price?

Edit: oh curse my over optimism! £9.25, well not too shabby I suppose - this time next year Rodney …


I like that number better than 17

Is there a link to this event? or do i have to get the gist of it through photos?


I think that is the best, most honest review I have read about Freetrade. :+1: Only thing that ruined it was no mention of the SIPP option which is a pretty big point to miss out on. All the chat about ease of use etc though was spot on.


A little late to the party, but just want to say the latest tube ads are way, way, WAY better than the first one. Far less text, but gets a punchy and memorable message and CTA across. Assume they worked with an agency on this one?


UK fintech Freetrade seeks to double valuation in fundraising

Trading app would be worth £650m as it plans push into cryptocurrencies


‘not including new business lines such as cryptocurrency trading. It plans to launch this in the new year, matching moves by peers including Revolut, Germany’s Scalable Capital and Robinhood in the US.’


Awesome read! :face_with_monocle: Thanks for this :+1:

Quick TL;DR for those as lazy as me:

  • Trade republic (German FT competitor) make ~50% of their money from payment for order flow, so the impending ban on PFoF will force them to change their model (become market makers or increase fees/pursue other income streams)

  • of FT’s 1m+ users, 600k have funded accounts, 475k have been active in the past 30 days. On the whole, FT users trade 17x per year.

  • FT forecast £15m for 2021, making ~£2m a month at the moment.


Not exactly news but thought you might enjoy this - one of my favourite ads from our current campaign.


That call to action is tiny and possibly impossible to read for people unless you are firmly targeting the kids with great eyesights. Also, it’s firmly one for the readers, I’ve never seen so much text on a billboard.

I’d make the bigger and bolder instead to avoid is getting lost…

Needs a QR code as well.


That’s the photo. It’s much more legible in real life. In terms of amount of copy, it’s opposite a train platform where people have more time to read.


Gotta be honest, I find it far to wordy but good if you forgot your book or people are not stood in the way :rofl: and I don’t get the no R code thing. Mind you it seems to be 1 part of a huge campaign and where this WILL excel is in subliminal messaging!! For this it is a great ad.

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the wordy-ness makes sense on a train platform.
QR code is a great idea


Thanks for the feedback, all. Unfortunately, QR codes aren’t allowed on London transport network due to health and safety. However, we do use them in newspapers.


This feels the right length and really quite funny without being to ‘edgy’.

I really like it and in the focus group of 1 it received a 100% laughter.

@nickfell could we arrange a competition for the community to write a submittion? We’ll vote a shortlist and you pick the winner?


I’m a bit of a neanderthal when it comes to ads and love funny ones like Paddy power type or the new Etoro is quite amusing but realise that isn’t for all. :rofl: The only reason I thought too wordy was any time I have been at a London platform it is packed so you wouldn’t be able to read all the message as people are in the way.

For this reason the FT badge top right would be visible to all but then I don’t know the station and I could be talking Bo%^$£s :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting to know about QR codes though as didn’t know that was a thing.

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Freetrade makes investing so simple you could have investor / mogul in your twitter bio before you finish that coffee.

That non-justified text has triggered a bout of OCD.