Freetrade integration with PLAID

Hello guys!

Today I have stumbled upon this new investing tool called Atom Finance. While browsing through the app I realised that you can integrate your portfolio to use its different tools to manage your portfolio. However, when I went to try and connect my Freetrade portfolio there was no option for it.

Other major brokerage apps use this API made by PLAID to connect the different platforms together.

Through this post, I would like to encourage the developers of Freetrade to allow such integration with PLAID. I would love to be able to open up a browser and see my portfolio in more details than on my smartphone. Furthermore, such integration won’t take excessive time to be implemented, compared to trying to make your own analysing tools.

Thank you for your time!
I do hope this will be seen by the developers and action will be taken, because it would make the Freetrade experience significantly better.

Would be great

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Looks cool! I’d suggest making a business case style request as sadly it won’t be developers deciding whether this functionality should be built, it will come from a business decision establishing that there is a positive return on investment on the development days spent required to deliver the integration :wink:


@sampoullain Can you please let us know if this is being considered at all?


Bumping this up the forum, really keen for this integration


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This is now absolutely needed to partake in the current AMC voting

I would say they are not considering it as they claim they read every mail on the forum and haven’t commented. They usually are quick to comment if it is good news but silent when they don’t have an answer/good reply. :+1: