Freetrade Investor Business Update

I don’t think there is any doubt that the share price will be at least £10 when they IPO in 2025. IF they don’t do a reverse stock split BEFORE the IPO to entice more investors!

Just out of question what is it that makes you so confident on the 10 pound IPO price I think I’ve seen you post about in the past. Have you done some sort of DCF or Multiples valuation?

If so I imagine many of the users here would like to see it!

I think 2025 is a fair time horizon for an IPO provided rate cuts happen this year if not its probably 2026 if were wanting to get the “Best” price rather than a quicker exit. I also wonder if Freetrade will go for a US listing or a LSE one

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No just good old gut instinct and experience. @adam had alluded to the IPO in 2023 BUT that was before Covid which has stolen 2 years from all our lives so that is where the 2025 prediction comes from. I think 18 months from now should be ample time,there is always the chance that someone could come in with an offer that Freetrade can’t refuse. TWT?

My own guestimate would be the end of 2025 start of 2026 for an IPO/exit at the earliest, given the right market conditions.

Would love to sell at £10 per share but not sure this could be achieved in the current economic cycle. As someone who invested at round 2 @ 15p a share this would be a significant return, However I also invested in later rounds and persuaded my daughter to invest at over £9 per share. Personally, I think Freetrade pushed that round, valuation wise. Crowdfunders got a bit caught up in the hype and overpaid. Moi also

I think the market Freetrade operates in is not a winner takes all, there is room enough for all players, Hargreaves, Robinhood, T212 and others.

Let’s hope the business update, when it arrives backs up our faith in Freetrade.

Jut my ramblings, I could be completely wrong about some if not all the points I mentioned.

Enjoy the long weekend



I first invested in R2 as well, £10 would be massive and I’d love to see that. I think we need to see optimism reurn to the whole IPO market first though. There were a lot of IPOs that ended up being disappointing over the last few years as people got caught up in hype. I’d like to see some successful IPOs that actually make money for the people who buy on day 1 to bring some confidence back to the market.


Easy, just don’t ipo in the UK. There’s optimism in other markets at the moment but the UK has been losing out.


I think Monzo will bring a feel good factor back to the IPO environment when they IPO next year. The statement below gives me great optimism.

Guys be patient IPO 2025 :+1: By that time we should have approximately £3 billion AUA so Freetrade will have an approximate valuation of £800 million.

“ Nutmeg will now be wholly owned by JP Morgan. No financial details of the transaction were disclosed but Reuters has reported that the sale cost around £700 million (€819 million) Nutmeg has assets under management of around £3.5 billion and more than 140,000 clients”




Happy bakon side up cake day

All of this above, exactly why I left 'Free’trade. (Plus the increase in fees year after year, that will probably get announced soon too for 2024). I do like to come back for a little peak though to see if anything has changed yet, as i do actually like the app! But nope, will keep my ISA elsewhere for another 12 months.


What are you looking for?

Being Devils advocate about the treasury being popular, does it also coincide with people now being unable to buy partial shares?

No because you can’t buy treasuries in an ISA or SIPP, why would people take money out of one of those accounts to buy treasuries?


I never said that they would take it out of their ISA or SIPP. Many just put money into an ISA to buy Tesla, Berkshire etc and now can’t afford them due to no partial shares.

Obviously it is not FTs fault but there must be people who would now use these Treasury options instead.

My overall point is people saying they are super popular may not be accounting for the drop in the biggest stocks that were popular that are now effectively out of reach.

Also it is a new shiny thing so would be interesting to see how long they are popular for. None of this is a criticism and more of a curious thought I had.

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It looks to be part of the Investment ISA allowance. I don’t think it’s fully 100% dispite the article, but sounds very likely.

“So, all UK gilts (gilt edge securities) and UK treasury bills stocks are ISA qualifying . UK treasury bills will qualify for ISA inclusion as will government issued bonds/securities by any of the European Economic Area (EEA) including the UK.”


Anyone remembers a newsletter sent out beginning of January about FT coming out of your phones in Q1 2024? Whatever happened to that.


Looks like this one is now put to back burner!
They are working on more important ones now!
Very soooon they will update us!
Let’s hope they come out with positive outlook news in their next business update!


Is there a rough idea on when we will get T Bills in our ISAs?

I wouldn’t expect to see any specific timelines, all signs point toward it being an high priority and being allowed in ISA’s (it hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet).

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The “end of next week” is tomorrow, and I don’t have too much confidence that the update is “dropping shortly”. Maybe that’s unfair? But it certainly didn’t come “a bit sooner” as teased.

I’m not sure if each message promising this update over the last 5+ weeks has been overly optimistic, or if things are really chaotic behind the scenes. As a comms expert, you don’t need me to tell you this is not a good look. If we (your crowd investors) can’t receive basic numbers, it does make us wonder what else is going on in the background.

I really don’t mean to be overly pessimistic, but with the new tax year starting and significant questions not being answered (plus the £60/year fee for an ISA) I’m seriously considering looking at taking my (modest) investments elsewhere for the first time. And I’m a Freetrade investor! I should be your champion, not your cynic…