Freetrade is crowdfunding on Crowdcube 🎈

I think one of the greatest strengths of Freetrade going into this raise is the strength of its community. @Viktor @Freetrade_Team1 would you be able to give a rough estimate on the number of users (active) on the community?


You can see this on the site’s about page About - Freetrade Community.

1,600+ users have been active in the last 30 days & there’s 3,000+ users in the community in total.

There’s some more stats about how this compares to other FinTech communities in the pitch deck, we’re punching above our weight at this stage, considering how many customers Freetrade has :relaxed:


We’ll send an email too + a push notification :bell:


Looks like you’re correct, you can reduce your investment during the cooling off period, it seems.

Thanks Viktor appreciate the reply and good luck today with the latest round of funding.

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Is it just me who can’t see the video of the meeting a few days ago?

FreeTrade’s YouTube channel only seems to have 2 videos… the most recent from 15 April…

Thank you, we appreciate it! :purple_heart:

A reminder of how big the ISA market is and this is just in the UK - ISA Market in the UK

Growth hack it!

Hey @gt94sss2, sorry for the delay on this. We’re finalising the crowdfunding launch right now.

We hope to share some of the best bits from the video in the next few days, stay tuned!

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I’m ready at my laptop! :sweat_smile:

Guy for some reason its already live for me , and i think iam the first one to invest . :grinning:

Please share the link :joy:

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Sorry to spoil the fun but please don’t share the link, it’ll be taken down momentarily.

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Sure , wont share the link publicly , but i have Dm’ed

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I’ll send you a DM about those DMs :slight_smile:

@Freetrade_Team Thanks for the reply - I had thought the whole aim of the video was to share it/the main points before the fundraising for those who couldn’t attend the other day…

@Certi.Curti shared a video this morning about why he’s investing / some key points on the fundrasising event, if you’re interested


Hello to everyone. Where we can find the link?

We’ll post it here as soon as the page is live at 11.40am today.


God, this feels like trying to get glasto tickets

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