Freetrade Launch Party

Just got home from the Launch Party. Wanted to know about the Android App. Turns out I still have to wait a bit. But there’s something new in GPlay under the Freetrade name that was announced tonight in the Party. I installed it there and then. Check what I have

I guess there wasn’t many Android users at the party…
I’m looking forward to put it to good use
Merry Investments to all,


Awesome party. Thanks for coming, Raul. :partying_face:

The spot zero is shared by a number of users we already whitelisted, so you are not alone, but you are in the first group that will be able to use the Android app as soon as we enable investing with it early next year. :+1:


Yeah loved the party Viktor :star_struck:. I guess it’s gratifying not to be the only zero. Must confess I was somewhat proud. Oh well… Hope it’s a big group then :sunny:


Thanks for the party guys. Any chance you can share the slides from last night? Unfortunately we couldn’t see them much from the back of the room.


Good fun last night, great to catch up with the team. Anyone for a bit of Where’s Wally?


Thanks for coming to the party guys! It was great meeting you all in person :smile:
@Chris I’ll speak to the team about sharing the slides here. This one was my favorite btw…


I don’t see this in GPlay to download…

My guess is that they provided a link for the people at the launch party to download the app first? :thinking:

I couldn’t get the day off to attend the party! :expressionless:

I’ll wait in line like everyone else!

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Here’s the link :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Freetrade_Team1

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Thanks @Freetrade_Team1 :hugs:

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Love the dude who was laughing and at the same time, thought it was a good idea to take a sip of his brewskie. Beer all over the floor and his face. Hahahaha :joy::joy::joy:


That was fantastic


Arghh I missed all the fun :sob:

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It sounds like everyone had a good party! Congratulations Freetrade :grin:

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Was there any big announcements beyond ISAs?

Nothing major. General overview of how things are going (great) and confidence for the future.
ISA and Android were the big things.

Apart from the lovely pizza. Biggest thing of the night.

  1. I opened the Google play store
  2. Search for “Freetrade app”
  3. A pink icon shows up in first place
  4. I installed it and got that image that shows my place in the queue. I understand this is not the Android app we are all looking forward to put to good use for that one’s cooking and shall arrive soon…

Hey guys, thanks a lot for yesterday.
Did you share the slides from the presentation? Couldn’t see them from the back :slight_smile: