Freetrade Launch Party

Yes, we’ll share them later today. We’re just trying to find a service that’ll let us upload them & preserve the all important animated GIFs, it’s proving tricky so far :sweat_smile:


Does Google Slides not allow you add animated gifs?


Those pizzas were quite literally the biggest things :pizza::joy:



I have since found out that my version of Android (6) is not supported so just ordered a basic Android phone so I can use specifically for this app :rofl::sob:


Some things I’d like to highlight about yesterday’s party I liked to hear and see.

  1. Focus on the costumer
  2. Focus on the long term

The community asked for ISA’s and the team provided it.
The market asks for a mobile app over a desktop app and the team started to deliver with the iOS app first which will soon be followed by Android. I personally prefer to use the laptop so I hope that after the Android app the website could include the functionalities of the mobile apps in order to become a functional and practical alternative to older generations.

Adam said he has the best job in the world and he wants to retain fretrade’s costumers for decades, like HL (disclosure: I’m an HL costumer and somehow I’m not really a fan of their fees, but they do offer a LISA). In the spirit of long term perspective I’d love to read an annual Letter to Shareholders from the CEO (check BH or amazon for reference). It’s good fun.

I also like to see decent growth. When I first joined (AUG 2017) freetrade there was a list of 12 or 14k people ahead of me. Meanwhile the community grew to 75K if I’m not mistaken !? with no money spent on advertising and relying mostly on word of mouth - the best marketing tool ever - from the community members. I’d say it’s a pretty decent growth rate :smile:

About plans to expand to EU countries. I’m glad there are there are plans for it. There’s a topic where this issue is discussed. I really don’t know which market to go first, Germany?! Ireland?! The Netherlands?!. I’m looking forward to get into them all. One after the other. The question I ask is: does country x has an equivalent to an UK ISA or SIPP? In case of affirmative answer I think we can’t afford not to offer it from the get go when entering in that market, regardless of being the first or the last one on our list.

Finally a word of appreciation for the team for their work, to the community for their support, to the ladies and gentlemen who were working yestarday at the venue in the reception and in the bar, to the chef and his delivey team and… to the brewer

PS: Looking forward for the Freetrade’s Annual Shareholders Meeting, a renowned event in London


Which Android versions are supported?

It’s any version that’s 7.0 or newer at the moment.

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Ah OK - good excuse to get that Honor 9 Lite then.

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Sorry for the wait, the file was too large for Google Slides unfortunately but here’s the deck, to download in PDF format via Google Drive or Slideshare.


Booooo to Google Slides!

Good work getting them online @Freetrade_Team1, thanks