Freetrade Logo and "Profile" section should be in all tabs

These only currently sit under the portfolio. Hence if I am looking at my Activity feed and need to contact support - I have to go to the Portfolio first and then to the profile and chat. Would be nice to have the top of the Portfolio screen across all tabs:


Migrate the entire Profile section into the Account tab and have Money/Banking/Finances (pick one) as a mere part of it - not as an independent tab. After all, it does not seem to be a section for day-to-day use, only for rare top-ups and withdrawals :hugs:


Agree with this! But I think it should disappear when you scroll down on the discover and activity screens as you’ll want to see as much as possible listed here. Possibly also on the portfolio screen when you have a larger number of holidings - so you can see more in one go. Maybe it could appear on the left at the top when you scroll down :thinking:

Edited: as I see you’ve already asked for the profile screen to be added to all tabs! Agree with this!


I deliberately avoided too many details but that’s exactly what the perfect functionality would envolve, you are a telepath :wink:

And top post has been slightly updated with an alternative suggestion.

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I agree, I think this is the best solution - put it in the navigation as no doubt there will be lots more things to add to this screen and it should not be hidden away.


At the top right of the Portfolio screen there’s a small, round icon that looks like a profile icon. Tapping on it displays a screen that shows your name, address, email address and Freetrade user number, plus some supoort info. This all seems like the kind of information people would call profile information or account information.

Is there a particular reason that this icon appears on the Portfolio screen? Is there any reason that it is only on that screen?

In my opinion this icon would not feel out of place if it appeared at the top of every screen. Failing that, it really feels like it ought to be on the Account screen as well as or even instead of the Portfolio screen. It seems to be a closer conceptual fit with the Account screen than any other.

Is it just me? :joy:

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Hey @emalb, I think this is exactly what you were after :wink:


It wasn’t just me! :grinning:

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Definitely this.

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