Freetrade New Stock Request Form

I’ve submitted the forms but I’ll post here as well just in case it helps;
Beeks Financial Cloud (BKS)
Steppe Cement (STCM)
Alumasc Group (ALU)

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They are not being reviewed every Friday. When is the next review?

Can you please add The ‘Shyft Group’ (SHYF)

Can we have the Roblox IPO please?



ethical and enviromental friendly batteries

I see that new stocks were added (today?). Thank you!

I appreciate it. From the commission-free platforms I know, Freetrade is the best in this regard. But can we have some transparency please? Knowing when and which stocks are going to be added is relevant for us to make a decision. Depending on the answers, we may decide to wait, or simply use a different platform to invest in these stocks.

I’m not asking for real-time updates. But at least a weekly list of tickers under consideration, an estimated date by when they’ll be reviewed (not added) if available, and then an update with the result of the review. A screenshot of a spreadsheet is enough and should take no more than a few minutes every week. It’s boring work, but it’s quick, cheap and would greatly improve the service.


Hope we can get involved with Buddi from day 1 founder set for £500m float of tagging firm Buddi

LON:OTMP £1.08 (OnTheMarket plc) - British property search portal that launched
LON:TRU £0.74 (Trufin PLC) - Invested in (PlayStack Limited, Oxygen Finance and 2 others)
LON:BRSD £0.24 (Brandshield Systems PLC) - AI-Powered Online Brand-Protection Solution

Already requested but putting here hoping they get some recognition :slight_smile:

Just requested the NASDAQ-listed Khosla Ventures SPACs ($KVSA, $KVSB, $KVSC).

These might be interesting for long-term high risk/reward type investing:

No news on this yet looking stronger every day

AHT reddit short

Cornish Metals PLEASE

SPDR Small cap value

It has been requested long time ago can we add this? @Viktor