Freetrade People Team - Reward Management (Help with my HR assignment)

Hi, I am currently working on my Reward Management module for my HR course and have selected Freetrade as an example organisation.

I was wondering if any Freetrade employees (HR or Management) can offer some insight on how Freetrade benchmarks internally and externally and the decision process behind offering such employee rewards as those listed on the Careers page (Careers) (e.g. what impacts the reward decisions whether rewards are offered or not and why certain ones are chosen).

Also, does Freetrade use a Total Reward strategy and how would reward intelligence be presented to stakeholders at different levels?

Thank you.

Also, how would Freetrade as a relatively new organisation decide on how to construct its reward package? Being a new company you would have limited internal benchmarking data, so I think you would have depended on some external sources and used things such as engagement and reward surveys and exit interviews for departing staff to understand more about why they left the organisation.

The points I am focussing on are the following:

:black_small_square: Use an appropriate analysis tool to identify the internal and external factors. (I am thinking of SWOT and PESTLE)

:black_small_square: Analyse the particular impact of business drivers and related factors on reward decisions.

:black_small_square: Give examples of different ways of gathering and presenting reward intelligence.

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