Freetrade Plus AMA with Freetrade CEO & Founder, Adam Dodds — 8 PM, Tue 6th Oct

When will the chart graphs improve / be updated to market standards?

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You are spot on here.

If Freetrade still charged £1 for an instant order, and offered a FREE basic order, customers would immediately see the value in something like:

ISA: £3 a month (including 5 free instant trades)

Plus: £10 a month (including ISA & unlimited instant trades)

This is then insanely competitive with HL, but also provides value to Plus customers who trade frequently.

Adam - would you consider going in this direction? I am concerned without implementing this sort of revenue model - you will struggle to evidence unit profitability (with >90% of users never considering plus).

Critically you would still be offering free trades they just wouldn’t be instant. Who can argue with that? (and you could do 2 batches a day instead of 1)


I think regressing to charging people for instant trades would be a disaster and customers would be incredibly angry not just on this forum but the whole user base in general. Terrible idea in my opinion and would cause a lot of customers to leave the platform, myself included. Its just going backwards in terms of product development this would also lose the trust of the FT customers too.

Lowering the fx rate would be a much better option and add a lot of value.


Users who execute loads of trades with small amounts and have no intention of upgrading to Plus are users the platform would probably be better without from a financial point of view.

I agree that a lower Forex rate on the Plus account seems like a no-brainer though.


Have you considered having more than one Plus package?

e.g. Freetrade+ could include ISA and Plus stocks (approx £5 pm)
Freetrade+ Pro: the above & could include SIPPs, Reduced FX fees etc (£10)

This might be a better upgrade pathway from GIA(Free) → ISA (£3) → Plus (£) → Plus Pro (££)


I wonder if a pricing structure of Bolt Ons would work…


  • £3 ISA
  • £6 Plus + Standard ISA
  • £5 Bolt on for LISA customers
  • £5 Bolt on for SIPP customers

…but then I remember that I, and we as a community, don’t have access to all the internal data that the Freetrade team do - nevermind their vision of the end goal or the industry experience that the team has. I guess we should all trust that they are making the right decisions and that they can’t please all of the people all of the time!

grumble grumble Why do I have to pay £9 a month to access Plus when my portfolio value is so low and I’m nowhere near as wealthy as the kind of person who can afford to save in a SIPP, they should have to pay more for that service or I should pay less… grumble grumble

And one last point that I want to make after reading so many recent posts since Plus came out - Freetrade is still true to its name so long as the trading is free. Freetrade does not mean free everything!

NINJA EDIT… I’ve just seen the have a pricing structure that’s not a million miles away. Though not unlimited free trades - full pricing

  • Your £9.99 service plan fee gives you access to the widest range of investments on the market.
  • The SIPP fee is just £10 a month extra*, bringing the total cost to £19.99 per month.
  • SIPP customers can add a [Stocks and Shares ISA], [Junior ISA] and [Trading Account] at no extra cost.

Can you explain why the access to Priority Customer Services is one of the main argument for FT Plus ?

Great customer support for everyone looks to be at the center of your strategy so I don’t understood the move. Thanks !


x2 please

Few additional Plus related questions

  • Outside of other exchanges/markets (which I think we all presume will be a Plus based feature?), what other types of investments outside regular company stocks do you want to see next for Plus? (not talking CFDs, but things like corporate bonds, gilts, etc.)
  • Personally I see a larger format Freetrade being a benefit for Plus based customers (e.g. iPad, web), a few people have mentioned this question already. Whats the goal for a larger format version of freetrade for example on the iPad, and how do you think this could be tailored to benefit Plus customers?
  • Whats next for Plus that we don’t know about…? :smiley:

Do you intend to crowdfund for investment into Freetrade on Crowdcube or a similar plarform again? If so, when?

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I love this ideas :heart_eyes: Being able to share a stock page from the app via Telegram and Signal [download link] (or WhatsApp/Facebook messenger if you’ve not moved away from Zuckerberg yet) would be awesome!

I’m forever taking screenshots to show friends. Sharing straight from the app would be a lot easier and would help Freetrade with sign up rates if it had a big shiny “Sign up now” button too.

Edit - someone’s already made a post for this which you can vote on - Share Activity (to Social Media)


Why don’t you use something like the LSE pages to share stocks (UK ones at least). I get what you mean though, and having the stock universe searchable and sharable would be a benefit to Freetrade as well in terms of brand. Not exactly a Plus thing. But it would be good to know how something like that might be extended with Plus.

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How does crowdcube and seeders merging affect current investors and future investors if another round is held using them?


It’s not a site I use to be honest. Whilst I do use Yahoo Finance, the times that I want to share something with a friend are usually when I’m in the Freetrade app looking at a stock and its graph - it’s right then that I want to share it with a friend. Now I feel lazy for not opening another app, finding it there and then sharing directly from that app instead!

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Any sneak peaks of what’s currently being worked on?


Have you thought of limiting the number of free instant trades available to non plus users? This would be a hybrid solution that would encourage users to upgrade without removing the ability for low volume users to use the free version…


This will hardly be a popular decision.



At the moment any further development/enhancements need to be put on hold until FT can ensure that the app/platform is robust and has appropriate contingency/backup systems.

Today is another example of a major outage resulting in an inability to buy or sell shares, I have only been using FT for a couple of months and this is at least the 3rd time there have been similar issue.

This is far from acceptable and makes me worry that my money is not safe with FT


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