Freetrade - Plus Lite

Has there been any ideas or comments circulating about a ‘lite’ plus, so a lower monthly payment for the users that don’t have such a high portfolio to warrant the fees.

So for example… 4.99 for just access to limit orders, or just interest on cash held… Even if its a lower interest rate.

Or as suggested by someone else, just access to pay walled stocks.

4.99 just for limit order and ISA and NO interest rate would still be fine for me. :smiley:


I’d be happy to pay a few quid for access to even some of the Plus-only shares, not to fussed on interest rates and stop orders etc…

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In previous AMAs, Adam and the team have discussed how they want to keep choices limited and only have one premium option (for now).

With the introduction of SIPPs recently, there is already quite a lot of different combinations for users:

SIPP + Plus

I can’t even be bothered listing the different variations if they introduced another Plus tier :sweat_smile:

Long term I would like to see another Plus tier too (but in the other direction).


Yet another suggestion of how to squeeze the limited money FT make :man_facepalming: When will people understand that the platform needs to stay simple and not have layers of access. 1 simple plus is the best and adding mid prices will just mean many will reduce to the lite version.

Next would come the demand for more tariffs and on and on. Keep it simple FT :+1:



Sure. While we’re at it let’s have Freetrade Plus Platinum and also Plus Platinum Light. Why not Gold and Gold Lite, too? More than one subscription type confuses users and carves up the benefits. That reduces the value proposition of the more expensive subscription type and reduces revenue. Less revenue prevents Freetrade from making the product better. It would also likely lead to penny pinching/nickel and diming type policies. The very extra fees here and there that people don’t want and why they choose :freetrade: over that other low-cost broker.

With respect to the OP, pay for Plus if you can justify it. If not, don’t. Plus likely isn’t designed for small portfolios and you don’t really need it. If you think you really want it, but can’t justify the cost on a monthly basis, subscribe once every few months and then cancel. Limit orders last for 90 days, so that would be covered.


It’s not squeezing the limited money FT make, in contrary it seduces people who are on FREE or ISA only subscriptions to plus. As for now I don’t see much value for me upgrading from 3£ per month to 9.99£ per month. If there were more cheaper options like 4.99 or 5.99 with feature I needed, I may be tempted to join the Plus Lite.

I don’t need the interest rate and hold mostly vanguard and ishares etf, paying 300+% extra fee doesn’t make sense for only the limit order. I can just use notification service from other platform and buy it on freetrade. :man_shrugging:

maybe lots of people leave plus and go plus light, then freetrade might make less or there is no difference in what they make but they have more work.


Yup. That’s where you should hire a pricing data scientist to determine the best pricing strategy.


The thing is that all the assumptions in this thread - mine included - are made without access to the data. Those proposing a lower-cost subscription are effectively saying that they think the company is making a mistake/has made a mistake with their pricing. Essentially, that they know better than the people at the company. Without access to the same data :freetrade: has, we simply can’t know. Chances are that :freetrade: knows best.

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Wouldn’t want to end up like advfn subscription model :confounded: ADVFN - ADVFN Subscriptions


God that hurts my eyes :joy: :man_facepalming: Mind you I wouldn’t mind being a Global Guru level :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:scream: :scream: :scream: