Freetrade Plus-Lite

Erm, no, that’s clearly not what I wrote. I want some of the premium features and pay some of the cost.

I don’t care about SS ISA or 3% interest, perhaps even the limit orders could go.

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Isn’t that all of the Plus features except the interest?

But… presumably if you’re investing, you have a cash buffer somewhere for unforeseen circumstances. If you stick £4000 of this cash buffer in either your ISA or GIA, you’ll earn enough almost interest to pay for plus (it’s about 10p short).

How much interest are you really earning on that £4000 somewhere else anyway? That becomes the true cost of signing up for Plus.


It just seems like unnecessary faff to have to park 4k in there to get Plus for free. Added to the noise of the subscription being taken from one place and added back elsehwhere.

It would less problematic if they just took the fees from the fund. I could then perhaps warrant parking 4k there to get the features that some other UK free trading platforms offer for free.

You basically want access to the full range of shares but without the premium features?

I don’t think that’s a bad suggestion personally


I see what you’re saying about the different accounts, but that doesn’t nullify the cost argument of plus being essentially free.

The other advantage of funds being taken from a different account is if you’re using the ISA and have the cash balance there, the interest earned goes into your ISA. So effectively, you’re giving yourself an extra £120 ISA allowance per year too. (The interest is legally earned on the money in the ISA, but the fee is legally charged as a separate cost for account management).


This has been mentioned before and is only a way to reduce the viability of Freetrade :+1: If they offered tiers then people would generally go for a lower tier with what they need. This would mean that FT need to make up the lost earnings elsewhere.

Many other brokers charge about £5 a transaction so the £10 is really not much at all and if you don’t spend much then there are MANY stocks in the free category still to buy. It is also probably a lot easier for FT to manage a business on 2 levels of plus-non plus than a wide variety of options.

Anyhow below is a link to the last time some-one mentioned it. :+1:


The other way of thinking of it is that probably any one or two of the plus features should be worth the price to you, and then you get the other perks for free, which make the purchase seem even better. Much like when you buy other promotions, you might get a some freebies that you don’t really want. Would you expect to be able to say “I don’t want these, can you take them away and lower the price more?”

If it’s not worth the cost to you, it’s not worth the cost, but that’s your choice to make, not a fault in the pricing structure.


True and I guess people start using things they didn’t intend to when it is in the package. I know I now love the limit sells. And the ISA being a great way to keep customers as once they lock in they will stay for at least a year. :+1:

I know I was going to open an account with another provider to serve certain stocks I am less confident in investing on FT but it would be like buying 2 ISA accounts and only using 1 :man_facepalming:

A future note for those who search the forum before harping on about this idea again: it’s not going to happen. See the negative reaction in threads such as these and move on with your life. If you want access to Plus-only shares, subscribe to Plus for a month and then cancel it. You can do this every few months.


They saying 10 is alot if your not making that much each month. For couple items that would be helpful.

Yes but if only buying such small volumes then there is thousands of other stocks you can buy for free :+1:

Put of curiosity how many trades per month do you make if you don’t mind sharing?


Presumably the reason you want the wider range of shares is because you think you’ll be able to make more money than on the more popular shares that are included in the free account.

If you don’t think you can make £10 a month more on these shares than something else, what’s the point in investing in them?

If you do think you can make £10 a month more on these shares, then the cost of plus shouldn’t be the barrier to entry.


Yer, I’m not saying your right or wrong and everyone knows freetrade have to make money to provide the service. But plus shares we still pay same rate for them as anyone else so since you know more than I do how come smaller shares are under plus.

It is clearly spelled out here :+1: and is more about markets than value of stocks. For example

Plus is everything in the free plan, and:

+ FTSE Small Cap (FTSE All-Share minus FTSE 350)

+ FT SE AIM All-Share ex AIM 100

+ S&P SmallCap 600

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It seems to boil down to the assumption that the OP thinks they can make more money from penny stocks than from the larger more established companies.

I blame reddit, twitter and youtube


That’s a huge assumption there. I dont do any of these things, I don’t use social media at all. I’m hope not everyone on this forum is as ignorant and insulting as you are.


The belief that penny stocks can make you rich, is not a new one.

I can remember penny stock ads in the back of comics 50 years ago. It has become much more prevalent with the advent of the internet, with reddit, twitter and youtube being the main culprits.

I’d even hazard a guess that most people that use trading apps are influenced by these social media sites in one way or another.

My comment was not meant to be either ignorant or insulting but just a statement of facts.

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Only you have mentioned penny stocks, I never mentioned it. You seem to be lumping me as someone into all this GameStop nonsense from the last few months. That is really wide of the mark.

The stock I wanted to buy was behind the plus paywall. I don’t do alot of buying and selling, i tend to buy and hold, so the £10 a month is essentially a £10 drain of profits, unless I stick £4k, or cancel and hope I don’t need to buy any more plus stocks in the next 90 days.

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It wasn’t a fact though was it, given that you said the OP wants to trade penny stocks and they replied saying that wasn’t the case :joy:

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