Freetrade Plus-Lite

Only you have mentioned penny stocks, I never mentioned it. You seem to be lumping me as someone into all this GameStop nonsense from the last few months. That is really wide of the mark.

The stock I wanted to buy was behind the plus paywall. I don’t do alot of buying and selling, i tend to buy and hold, so the £10 a month is essentially a £10 drain of profits, unless I stick £4k, or cancel and hope I don’t need to buy any more plus stocks in the next 90 days.

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It wasn’t a fact though was it, given that you said the OP wants to trade penny stocks and they replied saying that wasn’t the case :joy:

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Isn’t saying “Gamestop nonsense”, insulting to those people here that hold this stock. A stock that is held by the vast majority of people who have joined freetrade this year.

The stock behind the paywall are mostly small cap stocks, Stocks that are by their very nature volatile in the prices. Maybe it’s my advancing years, but I use the name “penny stocks” as a catch all for all these small cap stocks, whether they are priced in pennies or pounds, (or even cents and dollars).

Like you, I too buy and hold. But having calculated the benefits of having a S&S ISA, and access to some of the small cap stocks / penny stocks, that have taken my eye, I don’t have an issue with it costing me 33p per day.

I’d be interested to know which stocks we are talking about before we decide if they are penny stocks or not.

Maybe if we knew what stocks they were looking to buy, we might be able to offer an alternative that was accessible with the free account.

It’s nonsense because it was deliberate market manipulation, deliberately inflating stocks well beyond their true value, making a small number of people alot of money, and losing alot of money for most others.

You seem to be making a large number of assumptions there.

I’d be very careful continuing down that train of thought, as I’m sure you don’t want to be called a HF shill by anyone.

To be fair your post history only comments on penny stocks of Greatland Gold and plus membership :+1:

I would also say many people who don’t watch you-tube etc are still affected by them as whatever did encourage them may/probably got influenced by this factor.

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This is for the OP your problem is solved

This is likely what I will do, but I’m sure it’s not really what freetrade would want, surely getting people in and staying in would be preferable, hence my original point, some middle tier, perhaps a limit on the number of trades a month, or some other restriction or limit on features.

You started a thread 16days ago and your query was answered and now you have put this post on? What that all about???

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Because I was asking about alternatives to opening and then cancelling, which isn’t good for either me or freetrade.

This is unbelievable,some companies charge over £10 for 1 transaction

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I don’t quite know what you want??

Is that the same Greatland Gold, that is the darling of commentators on reddit, twitter and youtube, as well as many other “investing websites”?

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This model, if I trade once every 3 months, freetrade plus costs me £30 a trade, unless I put 4k in.

Is it a minimum 3 month subscription? Sorry I never knew that.I’m waiting for autopie before I join plus

No, so I will clearly cancel after a month, which going back to my point, surely isn’t what freetrade want, they want retention and they should be offering a lower tier that is suitable for smaller less frequent investors.

Then surely a month plus is only 10 and cancel, no need to spend 30.

What you are suggesting is FT try and target customers who won’t make them money by the sounds of it. As good as I believe their intentions are for helping people get on the investment ladder they are not a charity. :+1:

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They do :+1: It is called the FREE tariff. :+1:

I thought this thread was about what you want?