Freetradeā€™s CrowdCube Fundraise

Can you DM me your email you are on the waitlist with? If you are on it, you should get the updates. :thinking: Unless you unsubscribed! :wink: But maybe there is something else going on.

In any case, we will share the updates from the newsletter on this forum as well in the future.

You mean the list of attendees to the Crowdcube pitch event at Balderton? Weā€™ve asked Crowdcube if they can give us a few extra spaces for Freetrade community members, but it sounds like the venue is at capacity.

If you mean you havenā€™t received the news about our upcoming crowdfunding:

  • Make sure you ā€˜request inviteā€™ on
  • If you had done that before, DM me your email as you should have received our email updates (which is how weā€™ve been sharing news with our community before this forum).

Weā€™ll email the private link to the Crowdcube pitch to everyone on the waitlist when the round opens. :fire:

Just to clarify, this is the email from two weeks ago thatā€™s being referred to here isnā€™t it?

Yesterday we were in Crowdcubeā€™s newsletter which @stepheniles received. The email was about the Crowdcube Pitch Event weā€™ll participate in at the offices of Balderton Capital tomorrow at 6:30pm.

The tickets were snapped up fast, but weā€™ve asked Crowdcube if they can give us a few extra tickets for community members. :muscle:


Just heard back from Crowdcube! Theyā€™ll give us a few extra tickets, so message me your name and email until 6pm if you want to come to the pitch event tomorrow. :email:


Cat is out the bagā€¦ @adam just delivered the pitch for the next round


Big news! This round is going to be popular!


What was the pre-money valuation of the prior crowdfunding round?

@adam, Any chance the full presentation could be posted on the forum prior to Crowdcube? Would be great to see further details unless there is a predetermined exclusivity for Crowdcube

Ā£4 million

The pitch was elevator-style, youā€™ll get more from our Crowdcube film. Youā€™ll also get much more info in the investor deck once we go live on CC.


4.5x in a yearā€¦ :open_mouth: prior CC investors will be chuffed no doubt

Keen to know how this valuation is justified when the investor deck goes live.

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There is a slide for you in the pitch deck. :wink:

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Will you be allowing overfunding this time as well?

Yes, we will! :fire:


Is there an investment cap? E.g. Monzo capped at Ā£1000 per investor

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That would not look right to expect a cap from a licensed Stockbroker (which Monzo is not)

I was thinking more along the lines of staying in control of their own ship, what if someone pops up with a Ā£20,000,000 pledge and walks out with 50% of the company (or whatever)

Oh sorry, I though you mean investment in the UK and US securities, not as part of the fundraising. Then it is a valid point.

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haha, i see what you mean.

ā€œHey guys sorry but you can only invest Ā£1,000 in that ETFā€ ā€¦