Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise

Just heard back from Crowdcube! They’ll give us a few extra tickets, so message me your name and email until 6pm if you want to come to the pitch event tomorrow. :email:


Cat is out the bag… @adam just delivered the pitch for the next round


Big news! This round is going to be popular!


What was the pre-money valuation of the prior crowdfunding round?

@adam, Any chance the full presentation could be posted on the forum prior to Crowdcube? Would be great to see further details unless there is a predetermined exclusivity for Crowdcube

ÂŁ4 million

The pitch was elevator-style, you’ll get more from our Crowdcube film. You’ll also get much more info in the investor deck once we go live on CC.


4.5x in a year… :open_mouth: prior CC investors will be chuffed no doubt

Keen to know how this valuation is justified when the investor deck goes live.

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There is a slide for you in the pitch deck. :wink:

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Will you be allowing overfunding this time as well?

Yes, we will! :fire:


Is there an investment cap? E.g. Monzo capped at ÂŁ1000 per investor

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That would not look right to expect a cap from a licensed Stockbroker (which Monzo is not)

I was thinking more along the lines of staying in control of their own ship, what if someone pops up with a ÂŁ20,000,000 pledge and walks out with 50% of the company (or whatever)

Oh sorry, I though you mean investment in the UK and US securities, not as part of the fundraising. Then it is a valid point.

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haha, i see what you mean.

“Hey guys sorry but you can only invest £1,000 in that ETF” …



We’ll only be offering a certain amount of equity. We will allow overfunding in the case that there’s demand (let’s be honest, there’s going to be demand) - but nowhere near enough to acquire the company!

Oh no this is not good. You mean i have to exercise restraint? Can’t you just tell me how much i can invest so i don’t get carried away? :wink:

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We’ll be structuring similar to previous rounds where the amount you invest will determine what rewards you get (free Alpha for life, anyone?). The best reward being A shares if you invest over £20k.


Hey @adam, in your upcoming Crowdcube pitch deck, can you give more details about your proprietary technology stack? Obviously without giving too much away to the competition :wink:

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