Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise

:expressionless: We’ll double-check

Actually ignore me. I had to uninstall and then log back in again with my new email, all sorted.

I think it set me to end of queue because my app was still logged on as the old email.

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Top right, select “Groups”:


Hit request:


Would appreciate it if you could think about rewards for existing investors who might already have qualified for founder status for example?

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I’m sure @Viktor will respond to this soon enough, but knowing the team, they will make sure existing investors will not be forgotten.


Fellow round 1 investor! :muscle:

That perception comes from me sharing a list of rewards for new investors to the pool. But that doesn’t mean long-time investors are forgotten. The exact opposite is true.

We are very focused on round 1 and 2 investors, as those 1,200 people were the core of what became the 32,700+ community today.

What we are doing ranges from subtle to significant. E.g. like you, I’m one of the 143 round 1 investors. I’m looking forward to having that acknowledged on my profile screen! That will look good when Freetrade will reach millions of customers.

A more significant example is, if you have the round 1 reward of free tax-wrapped account for life, that will be an Alpha account now. :money_mouth_face: We’ll communicate about these rewards when the round 1 and 2 investor onboarding is underway. Those 1,200 people will be the first to be onboarded.

If you have ideas for rewards for recurring investors, do share them here or on the live chat!



As you see above, we’re already working on a few things as well. :muscle::wink:

Wish I was a round 1 investor, no idea how I missed your pitch back in 2016.

Is there any way you can arrange for me to go back in time to 2016? Or for me to send a message to my younger self?


A few comments in the forum from existing investors getting precious about the rewards being offered to new investors in the next Crowdcube round. I’m having a bit of difficulty following tbh.

If you invested in our first round, it would have been at a sub £2m valuation. This round will be at c. 10x that valuation in less than two years. You would have received SEIS tax relief (if a UK resident) so are sitting on an investment with a roughly 2,000% return to date. That’s the best reward for investing early!

We also had rewards in our first two rounds, which were arguably better and were received at a lower level of investment than will be in the next Crowdcube round.

And finally, we hope you will follow on and invest again and get those new rewards! Lots more room for capital appreciation as we build Freetrade into a billion £ business. :rocket:


£1bn is about 50x growth, wow if you put £1000 down today there is a good chance it will be worth £50,000 not too far in the future… now if only I had £20,000 to invest I could be a millionaire with £1bn evaluation … assuming no more dilution


Wondering if someone can clarify for me a few quick ones - might have gotten confused in all of this? :slight_smile:

  • New Crowdcube investment round is coming soon yes? Within weeks?
  • Being a community member gets you an earlier invite to this? I have been on the list for a good while with a few referrals (not many friends interested in investing unfortunately) but I only today realised that my waiting list thing was not an account on the forums (been just lurking it seems). Do I need to do anything else to get the early invite?
  • The investor badge is that for people who have already managed to invest? Or is it to show that you want to invest next round or both? :smiley:

Very excited for the chance to invest!

Yes -

No -

It’s for people who have already invested.

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100 replies! Get your badge, fellows!


£500 = jump the queue IMO, that’s a pretty good amount to show commitment :sweat_smile:

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I’ve created this Wiki to collect the answers to frequently asked questions about the next CrowdCube raise here :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it! just to be clear I’m really pleased with the existing investment that I made in the past and wish you all the best for this raise. I’m now weighing up whether I should invest again in this round and not seeing any benefits that I haven’t already qualified for within budget. My suggestions would be:

  • Allow people to gift additional benefits gained to another person e.g. if I qualify for a second founder status on this raise then allow me to gift that to my wife
  • Do a special batch of rewards for repeat investors e.g. brew special IPA with local london brewer / special colour version of the hoodie for repeat investors / freetrade calculator / …
  • Brewdog do this very well as each round there are new and different rewards available to keep people coming back for more rather than investing once and leaving at that

What will the share price be for the fund raise?

54p / share

Details are coming tomorrow. :fire:


Are the details coming in writing only or with an ability to fund the third round straightaway?

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The details will come as a heads-up in writing. We’ll share the plan (e.g. the date!), key details for the raise, etc.