Freetradeā€™s CrowdCube Fundraise

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Iā€™m with you on that. 100%.


Not silly at all; ahead of the investment I worked out how much I need to invest to get a nice round number of shares. Was bummed out when I could only invest in increments of Ā£10 on CrowdCube but it is what it is I guess

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As we are so far overfunded, and who knows what tomorrow might look like, considering the cash injection does this affect any potential fund raise next year or later?

i.e. will we need another raise next year or have we set ourselves up for a longer period?

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Argh thatā€™s been playing on my mind since I read it, I have just had to Ā£20 more to get to a round number :joy:


But what if itā€™s not exactly 54p ā€¦ :wink:

(Jeff puckering) #438

I am just going to have to be happy in the knowledge I am as close as possible!


Hum, it does sound better to have a round number of shares (mild OCD kicking inā€¦) and I was also wondering about the Crownfund fees:

For UK debit card payments the fee is 0.5% of the funds transferred, and for European debit cards, the fee is 1.0%. For UK and European credit cards, the fee is 1.4%. For Amex cards, and any debit or credit card registered outside of Europe the fee is 2.9%. Stripe will deduct these fees from the amount paid to you when the funds are transferred.

I understand from this that if I invest Ā£100 on Crowdcube, you would only Ā£99 / Ā£99.50 depending on the debit card I used. Would I need to take this into account to calculate the correct amount of shares Iā€™d get?


I donā€™t recall such charges when I bought Monzo (though I could have missed them).

Maybe this charge is applied to Freetrade not us investors?

(Jeff puckering) #441

:thinking: I thought card fees had been banned in UK


Youā€™re right, fees should not be charged anymore. So letā€™s hope that itā€™s just a matter of the page being outdated.


Agreed on wanting a round number of shares! As per 16th April statement of capital on companies house there were 33,414,175 shares in issue, at a pre money valuation of Ā£18m this gives a share price of 53.87p - worth awaiting confirmation from one of the team before making minor pledge changes!

Yesterday was incredible, I got caught up in a meeting until 1.40 and couldnā€™t believe we were past Ā£1m. As a R2 investor seeing the company grow over the past 15 months has been fantastic, keep up the awesome work everyone!!

(Hannah) #444

Hi @F10yd, these fees are incurred solely by the company raising funds. If you invest Ā£100, you will be issued shares of that exact value


@HannahCrowdcube are you able to answer the question of what the actual share price is for Freetrade so all us detail obsessive types can pledge accordingly?

(Hannah) #446

Hi @stephen, the share price for this round is Ā£0.54


54p on the dot? Not 54.1p for example


As a pledged R3 investor :3rd_place_medal:, Iā€™m relieved to be on board given this is apparently the last chance to get in at Seed for the foreseeable future.

(Hannah) #449

Itā€™s 54p on the dot :slight_smile:


And is it possible to apply for EIS retroactively? Think I forgot to tick the option when investing :man_facepalming:

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Itā€™s a shame that Crowdcube force you to invest in multiples of Ā£10, for me to get a nice round number Iā€™d have to invest Ā£170 moreā€¦ :sob: