Freetrade share price

Far too low


I’d be beyond shocked if we were anywhere below £10. I’m assuming somewhere around £12


My portfolio would really like the shareprice to be over £10, but also:


There will be lots of valuations to compare against soon:

Robinhood IPO $30-40B
Trade Republic €4B
Nutmeg £700M
Emma crowdfund £??
Revolut $10B

Some more comparable than others obviously, but Freetrade has to be close to :unicorn: status


Why do July and August have to exist? Can we not just go straight to September?

Who do I need to talk to to get this done?


The markups from previous rounds to now are considerable - especially for trade republic and Klarna given their sizes respectively. Also talk of a large markup for Revolut. I hope Freetrade benefits from this with both the next VC and crowdfunding rounds.


Trade Republic, Revolut, other fintechs…
The more I see those news, the more I am thinking we will either not see a crowdfunding campaing in September or we will see one along a huge Series C with a huge valuation.


I wonder if there will be an option to sell again in September?


I don’t think we’d see a Robinhood level of user backlash against Freetrade but I know that I’d wag my finger (hoof?) at Adam and tell him how let down I felt after his repeated comments about another crowdfunding round.

I think they will definately crowdfund as it won’t be so much about the money and more about brand ambassadors wanting freetrade to succeed and growing loyal user base. There are still huge benefits to crowdfunding than VC even though its a lot more work.


I agree. The community is such a huge part of Freetrade, that a crowdfund is only beneficial to everyone.

Keeps the community happy while also bringing in more money. Crowdfunding is also a huge growth metric, so could help boost growth in Europe.


Definitely agree re: value of the community. Do you think Brewdog need crowdfunding money? No way, but they are extending their base of champions, loyal customers etc. Freetrade are doing the same. I’d be astonished if there is no round later this year.


Agree - I think the recent comparables (TR round, RH S1), rumoured rounds and where Freetrade is generally (especially after it’s huge customer increase) signals a really big markup. I think £1.5bn would be a reasonable ballpark. I don’t think means the end of the crowdfunding though - Monzo did a raise at £2bn if I recall correctly.

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I think many people will hope to get in at £5 a share but definately not, with the current metrics am sure we all know its at least double digits now and the raise is still a couple months away. The money doesn’t hurt as we know and hopefully just translates to more engineers.

I just want to get a Freetrade T-shirt. Hopefully it’ll be something like invest £100 for a free T-shirt.

I’m going to guess the valuation will be £1B+ by Sep / Oct as AUM will have likely spiked with the introduction of SIPPs and the number of accounts could well be 1M+ by then.


This was the swag last time.

Which everyone is still waiting for lol


Hoping for a 600m - 750m valuation. Growing steadily ensures they don’t face a down round like Monzo. It also makes future raises easier in case things don’t go exactly to plan in the short term.

I also hope this isn’t the last crowdfund. Every year would be nice until the IPO. It would make for such a picture perfect story while hopefully inspiring other companies to do the same.


Believe it will be 850M - 1B.

Hoping for much more but



Freetrade’s September 2020 year end accounts are now available online. Obviously this was before SIPP launch and user numbers were much much lower back then!