Freetrade's third parties

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I doubt FT are going to be shouting about this information. Unless you can find it form the public statement I would expect anyone here to know / want to say.

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I initially put this question in Help section but it was moved here :man_shrugging:

Freetrade promotes responsible long-term investing. I would like to understand my exposure and potential issues I might experience (re: issues with Barclays blocking currency exchange in the beginning of the year).

I did not ask for contract details, volumes etc. therefore I see no reason to keep such a general information as third party providers names secret.

Which business publishes a full list of its third party providers?
I get the interest, but some realism would be good sometimes. :wink:

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

^^You guys underestimate how transparent FT are :rofl: :rofl:

They use IEX for stock data :

Looks like they use the LSE for UK stock data:

You’re right, they do use Drivewealth as their US execution partner:

And here are the other partners in FT’s ‘ecosystem’:

P.S. They did use Barclays for their FX exchange up until ‘the incident’, they probably use more now as a precaution:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Convenient / pick and chose morality.

Is Barclays and Citi ok?
They are/were involved in money laundering and have huge investments in fossil fuels.

Or are you ok with that but not HSBC because of their stance on Hong Kong-China situation?

Do you not shop on Amazon or use a company that use Amazon services such as AWS that is prevalent in almost all aspects of our life?

Did you check who owns Drivewealth?

*off topic and should be marked as one but had to share my thoughts

A lot of assumptions and generalisations here! But I will take the bait.

Apart of making world worse companies with low ESG score have higher risks. We had an example with Barclays in the beginning of the year. It is not always possible to avoid using those companies.

I checked who owns Drivewealth before creating this post. This is precisely why I wanted to know more about my potential exposure.

But I will not be removing Freetrade account just yet!
I hope that as a responsible investors we can encourage Freetrade to use companies that score higher on ESG. I would gladly pay more for an option of having more reliable companies supporting Freetrade.

And no, I am not using any major publicly-traded bank. But let’s try to keep this post on the topic. DM me if you have more questions. Happy to chat :+1:

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Here is a bit more information:


Perfect! Thank you woody!