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Hello all, I hope your investment peregrinating is moving smoothly. A while back, I came across, on here, an idea by a founding member, on here by the tag of #Zaccharles who had created a beta version of a desktop app for…you guessed it, freetrade!! I have just realised that it is functioning well and he is in the process of further developing it. Thank you Zac, it is a novel idea and I hope that the Freetrade honcho and his team will give it their blessing. If you haven’t tried it out, check it out here-


You will get a notification email in your inbox. If it is not there, check your junk folder.


Can anyone confirm that safety involved in logging on to this site? I’m a tad sceptical logging in using my Freetrade log in on anything other than Freetrade


Hi Jonny, it requires you to log in with the email you registered with and it sends a one-time-passcode to your email address plus the website is https which signifies that the data traffic is secured. I hope that helps.


In addition to what @Amynja77 has said, I can only add that none of your data is processed or stored outside of your browser, except for by Freetrade’s backend APIs.

It’s entirely up to you if you choose to trust me and use it. I get nothing out of it other than the warm & fuzzy feeling of providing something useful to people (unless people click the “buy me a coffee” link at the bottom).


Hi Zac,

I’ve just tried it for the first time today. Yesterday it said my email was not on a list, but worked fine today and I’ve got it loaded. Question though, the portfolio is out of date in terms of value and holdings, is that intentional or a syncing thing where it’ll catch up?

Do you work for Freetrade? Did they ever make a move to hire you or use/buy your web officially?

I noticed the same thing

Not intentional. I know that Freetrade were in the process of moving things around in their backend while I was making this. It looks to me like the official app is now using a more up to date source, while Freetweb is still using the old one. It still updates, but appears to do so less often.

To be honest, I haven’t made any changes to it because I got a bit demotivated since wasn’t sure if people actually wanted to use it, and by lack of official support. That is, reverse engineering the Freetrade platform is very time consuming, and it would have made it a lot easier to move with them if they’d answer questions in emails :joy:. Of course, I understand that this isn’t a priority and they have more urgent things to do.

I don’t work for them. I’m just a keen investor. Properly supporting a web product would be involve a lot more time and people resources than just hiring me. As for using it, they have said that people can use it until they have those resources to build an official web app:


Its a fantastic thing and quite unbelievable that a private investor could spend so much free time to give this. I think it’s fab.

Everyone here should at least give it a try.


I had to copy the OTP from the link in the e-mail an paste it in to log in, but on first-impression this looks absolutely incredible.


Is this safe?

It sends me an email, but then wants me to install an app, rather than give me access via a web browser. Very odd!

Would you believe me if I said yes? :slight_smile:

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Took me a while to figure that out. You need the number within the link to key into the webpage.

You need to copy the code (or whole link at the site will extract the code) from the email. There’s a little question mark after you enter your email address that says this. It’s easy to miss.


I did ask if Freetrade would make this a bit easier. Perhaps just send an email with the code instead of a button, but no :slight_smile:


I see, will give it a go in the morning, thanks an lot!

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Just tried the freetweb version today and like it a lot.
Would like to see an additional filter to eliminate “PLUS” only shares though.
Just a thought.


I’m glad you like it. Good point on the Plus. I’ve just added a universe filter as well as little Plus tags. SIPP eligibility filtering is available now, so I threw that in too to save doing it later.


I also noticed that the site breaks when you click on some newer stocks. I suspect this is more API changes that I haven’t kept up with as a result of not making changes for 5 months. Maybe I’ll get around to fixing that some day.


Well done.

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