Frequency Therapeutics Inc FREQ

This futuristic firm develops technology that it hopes will allow our own body cells to cure degenerative diseases.

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No discussion on this stock yet?

Great performance over the past month! I’m up c. 90% now although it’s only a few percent of my portfolio, it’s always a good feeling to pick a winning stock :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully there will be positive phase 2 data from their first therapy for Sensorineural Hearing Loss in the coming months and I think many investors are anticipating (or speculating on) such an announcement.

Oh no this is a bad day. Cry with me.

Lol wtf just saw about ÂŁ300 wiped out. Any news why? gonna look it up later. Might invest more to get my average down or just pull out.

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Clinical trials came back pretty shit.

Radioactive but he's breathing in - YouTube

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This is going to be a slow but solid recovery. Already gaining. There are thoughts the test wasn’t done correctly and with the cash reserves the company is still in good standings, in my opinion. Plus I do hope they actually find something that works as hearing loss/tinnitus are not very nice.

I’ve got in at the bottom guna watch it climb up


Same here! Not a great feeling when it was up ~150% just a month or so ago!

However, it was always going to be a speculative high risk investment in an early stage therapeutics company and as such we have to be prepared to risk losing close to 100% of whatever we invest if it doesn’t work as planned.

In my opinion the risk to reward ratio is still worth it because just think of the potential for this treatment if in 10-20 years’ time they have managed to make it work. (Yes that’s a heck of a long time but that’s what we’re probably looking at here for getting to an approved viable drug IMO).

The market cap for this company now is tiny (Less than 300m dollars). Mature pharmaceutical companies e.g. Vertex or Regeneron, currently stand at approx $50Bn. Assuming that kind of future growth, we could expect over 100X growth from this current share price which would be lovely of course :joy:

If you believe in the treatment, and I for one still do, then just continue to add shares bit by bit until there is more news perhaps. I definitely wouldn’t go crazy and add lots to this position because of the risk! Personally I won’t make it any more than 5% of my overall portfolio :slightly_smiling_face:

Up almost 10% today so can’t complain, bought in low, still loads of room to grow again. Think the share price drop was an overreaction like the markets usually do.

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Overreaction, their drug wasn’t any better that placebo when delivered twice.

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The 4 dose version showed no improvement but the single shot test they carried out showed some meaningful improvement so hopefully they can go down that route and figure out how to proceed.

These companies are a mild gamble but the upsides are massive. In terms of actually making our lives easier and healthier and making money along the way :slight_smile: