Fresnillo plc FRES

This miner produces gold, silver, lead and zinc, and associated products through their many businesses.

This is well oversold at £10.99 imho.

All mining stocks took a pounding due to corona jubilation but this seems to have gotten really oversold in just 24 hours.

It was up around 4% yesterday morning pushing up at the recent highs then closed down 16% due to vaccine hopes! Metals then bounced back today but fres dropped even further.

I’ve bought some more. Hoping to see £20 a share next year when the extent of their cash building is fully understood.

What do you reckon about Centamin? Also oversold? Or are we looking at and unsustainable dividend yield?

Not studied Centamin, sorry!

Chart looks well sold but unlike Fresnillo i’m not sure if they are stacking cash! :worried:

Hi rarther,
so at £9.27 do you reckon it’s overpriced now or reasonable? With vaccines dramatically improved :thinking:

It’s cheap imho. I’ve bought a lot higher than this. Polymetals even cheaper but riskier geopolitically


Can I ask what’s IMHO is sorry don’t know that abbreviation :see_no_evil: looks at polymetals aswell before now but seems volatile as much

IMHO = In my honest opinion


Yeah @Dermside got it. With investment forums I like to clarify that these are not facts, just my often wrong opinion, so I use a lot of imho, dyor etc. I thought it was cheap at £11 and clearly lots of people disagreed for it to slide below £9 :scream:

So now I think it is really cheap. This month I moved a workplace pension into a freetrade sipp and have 100% of funds invested in FRES below £9, to balance out my bad timing of buying elsewhere at over £11. I still hold all the shares bought high and low and am looking forward to a nice dividend shortly, followed by massive revaluation to £20 when gold pushes $2500 and silver $40. Just my foolish opinion once again :grinning:

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Never say never? and it has been mentioned on recent post as a good buy and gold and silver for coming future growth on “the motley Fool” and they keep tipping the stock I’ve bought so hopefully they are right and know what they are saying :rofl::rofl: everything is gamble, i know th dyor abbreviation :rofl::+1:t2:

Simply Wall Street currently have fair value share price at: £7.18

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@rarther man I just read back this post and you doubled up on $9 and it’s currently $7ish :sob::face_vomiting::flushed: feel your pain keep the faith brother :heart::+1:t2:

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Pounds £ not Dollars $ @Leonm1182 Currently share price was around £8 on Friday.


When you’re a massive loser, it doesnt matter 'cause you’re in it for the long term :wink: :wink: :wink:

At least the yield is going up? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(just to clarify for mods, not calling names - I’m the massive loser here! )


Yea sorry seen that after typing :+1:t2:

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We all losers compared to Warren buffet and others :rofl: and I knew what you meant! Well I was thinking at least you can put the dividends towards it!

And if going up great news :heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: