FTSE 100 + 250 Quarterly Rebalance - Affects on Basic accounts [Completed]

The next rebalance of the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 becomes effective on the 21st December with the following changes

[This change looks to have completed in the app :white_check_mark:]

  • Pershing Square Holdings to join FTSE 100

The following to enter the FTSE 250

  • Elementis
  • Hammerson
  • Homeserve

The following to leave the FTSE 250

  • Fisher (James) & Sons
  • Pershing Square Holdings (to FTSE 100)
  • Scottish Investment Trust

ref: FTSE Russell

These changes would be seen in the basic freetrade account when Freetrade update the universe to reflect. But ive no idea when that rebalancing will occur with Freetrade, @sampoullain @Viktor could you let us know what we should expect to happen? Is it automatic or is there a delay?


So it looks like the companies leaving the FTSE 250 left as expect to plus but the companies entering the 250 have not gone into free


Are all listed as plus @Viktor @simonpoole ?


Rechecked these which is hard to do on plus. The spreadsheet listed them correctly in free but the site search is a little less easy to understand. Looks like this rebalance was reflected correctly.

Entering FTSE 100 Index
Weir Group

Exiting FTSE 100 Index
Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets
Pennon Group

Entering FTSE 250 Index

Bytes Technology Group
Chrysalis Investments
Dr Martens
Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets
Pennon Group

Exiting FTSE 250 Index

BMO Commercial Property Trust
NextEnergy Solar Fund
Weir Group


good information here! Cheers

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Thanks for catching that

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