Fuel & Gas Crisis 😱⛽️

I do sometimes wonder, in a sector where there is competition, if there’s an argument for one of many competitors being a nationalised entity, from the perspective of someone who believes in privatization (it’s a given that those who believe in more nationalised sectors would take that idea if the alternative is none).

Relatively small beans, maybe 5-10% of the market… small enough not to be too much of a distorting influence, big enough to get an inside track on best practises and the challenges faced by providers bigger and smaller. On top of that, they could slim down/redeploy civil servants whose job is essentially to duplicate/understand functions that relevant companies themselves need to perform, so the increased overheads involved in running a company would not be higher than a private company after discounting those costs incurred anyway.

Sunak believes in market forces yet his interference is in every part of the economy

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I’ve often wondered this with the railways - if they were truest profitable could we take a 5% / 10% stake and take all the profits to create a sovereign wealth fund.

If a free market is the best solution and in many cases it is then ‘we’ could piggy back on the success to a small percentage.

Energy is proving to be the next failed privatisation experiment after the railways. Great video if you’ve got 20:28 seconds spare.


I don’t think its just railway and energy that theres been a failure of privatisation. Look at hospital cleaning, prisons, social care, buses, etc. All could do with vast improvements!


Prisons blows my mind! How on Earth did that happen and everyone though - yeah let’s get a private company with profit in mind drive down cost and provide the lowest quality service they can.


For me energy and railways are two different kettles of fish. With energy I’m in favour of privatisation in general because the same stuff goes through the wires and the pipes, there’s no incentive to accept the additional cost burden that keeping it 100% in-house would entail. With the railways private involvement needs heavy regulation because it should be high-on impossible to make a profit below a certain level of service… if they meet that level, then fine, they’ve earned every penny, alas unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

Prisons… yes should be public sector all the way, staggering, staggering decision there.

So we’ve gone from record lows last year to record highs this

Government agenda: get everyone into an electric car

I support a shift to greener alternatives to fossil fuels ASAP but supply chain wise I’m not sure the UK could consciously accelerate the transition to electric cars even if it wanted to. Emphasis on conscious, by which I mean accelerating it faster than currently planned as a direct result of the energy situation.