Functional Features on the App

I sent an email about 3 months ago to Freetrade to fix the following features and never got a response. in the absence of a response, I have decided that it is best to post my issues with the app publicly:

  1. The “Add to watchlist” button is in a place (middle of the screen) which makes me keep accidentally adding / removing stocks because when you view a stock you swipe from the middle of the screen and my thumb keeps touching the star next to the add/remove watchlist button. I suggest you move this to the top right hand corner, so the activity is more p purpose driven.

  2. Stock and portfolio performance view, I think it would be good to have a period in between the one additional time period; which is either a 3 or a 5 year lens between 1 year and Max.

  3. On the investments tab i can see a percentage on how much my stock has returned, but to be honest this is actually meaningless because half the time I can’t remember how much I invested originally. I think it would be helpful to have the actual absolute value on the return like there is on the overall portfolio.
    Also the main page does not show how the portfolio has grown with a weighted time avg return percentage, just a value this is quite deceiving as you don’t know how your portfolio is performing.

  4. The overall portfolio performance - I really like the comparison to the world index - it would be helpful to have this option in the “portfolio tab” rather than the insights tab.

  5. Also it would be nice to have a separate tab for watchlists so people can create multiple watchlists.

  6. The activity tab is absolutely useless - I cannot see when dividends are paid, how much, what was paid or see the details of each transaction i.e. fx rate, fees, and SDT. This needs to be changed

Anyone else agree?

Yep, some good ideas there, due consideration and comment from FT would be nice.

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It’s best to have separate ideas thread for each idea, otherwise hard to give a vote.
But first search to see if there are existing ideas threads for any of these ideas.


Some good idea although I don’t understand no1 as I don’t find that but as @Lyndhurst76 said better to do individually and some have already got votes going :+1: I think it is near universal that people think a few filters etc would be great and relatively simple to implement.

Edit - sorry I meant as @o99 said :joy: :man_facepalming:

Too many ideas - would love to put them separately, but you get my drift, The app has some pretty basic functional flaws which make it quite annoying at times.

No. 1, the watch button is in the middle of the screen. I have an iPhone 8 and large hands. so when you swipe up and down on the stock to see the details you end up hitting the unwatch button.

Also the watch list on the main page is super buggy, ends up having a huge gap randomly between the main portfolio

I find it curious that you thought an email from you would result in changes to the app.


I find it curious that you would think otherwise…

As a paying customer - that’s what you expect. I don’t pay my fees for no service.

You pay your fees for the service you already receive. You don’t pay your fees for the option to bother FT developers with your ideas on how the app would be better. Do you also email Microsoft with suggestions on how to make Office better? Doubtful.

There is nothing wrong with offering your suggestions on how to improve the app on the forum, but it’s this odd assumption that, as a paying customer, you are somehow better placed to have a direct line to Freetrade to get your ideas implemented. This just reminds me of the “VIP lane” for the NHS PPE contracts.


If you do not have anything of value to add to this chain then why don’t you keep your comments and opinions about others suggestions to yourself?

I am entitled to my views on the app as are you. I believe that I pay a fees and that includes a service where feedback is taken onboard.

Re your example to Microsoft - I actually work in tech and yes this does happen. When a bug or vulnerability is identified we report this. Please don’t talk when you know nothing about the field of technology.

PS - Freetrade operate on an agile delivery model which means they need to take on continuous feedback in order to develop the app and products.

Hi folks

While it’s good to share constructive feedback and opinions, let’s remember the community rules and keep the chat polite and welcoming.


Thank you and agree.

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I agree, the activity report is incomplete and not very useful. We need a report that would allow easy identification of all income received in a tax year or selectable period, and ditto for identifying overall profit or loss to allow one to complete a tax return.

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I actually really wanted the percentage gain too as that is a really important feature for me. The app does need better charts also and I’d like candlestick charts too.
I currently like how Webull and eTrade, TradeStation displays details like a real broker.