Funds and costs?

New user here, maybe this has been asked before, but from looking around the website there is no information before you open an ISA on what funds you offer, or from what providers, and also what the ongoing charges are?

How can anyone make the decision to transfer from their existing provider if they cannot see what their investment options are, and how much it is going to cost beyond the account charge? For investors who prefer stocks maybe this is not such an issue.

Or have I missed the page which does offer this information?


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Basic account is free and without charge so once you’re in you can check all of the ETFs and funds you want without charge and without needing to transfer.

General pricing is here:

Hi, thanks for the reply. I understand it is free to join, but I would expect that information to be available up front, without having to apply, go through the KYC, open an account etc, and are surprised that the company are not more open about their total list of funds, and charges.

Anyway, sounds like it isn’t available without applying, so thanks for answer the question. :slight_smile:

Actually try searching the forum for world of stocks, pretty certain there’s an excel sheet knocking around.

It’s available here:


Thank you, will have a browse.


Freetrade offers a range of stocks, Trusts and ETFs to choose from.

In the case of the Funds, either Trusts or ETFs Freetrade doesn’t charge anything. The fees we pay are the ones the fund or trust managers charge. Freetrade doesn’t charge anything on top of it. Maybe that is the reason why it’s not mentioned in the website pages you looked at?! (Note to management: maybe it would be good marketing to clearly state in the website Freetrade doesn’t charge fees on top of the funds charges for I believe the fear of hiden fees is an understandable and common concern people have). Freetrade does charge for an ISA account though, which is clearly stated in the princing page


you can find a list of all the stocks, Trusts and ETFs currently available on Freetrade. From here you can dig deeper by going to the fund’s managers websites and check their fees on a particular fund you like. This way you don’t have to apply. Bare in mind the range is limited for the time being but we are told that soon we’ll have a lot more to choose from. Your can read about it here

Hope this helps


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Ok, thanks, I guess with other providers the information is more freely available and in a better format, but you do pay more for it.

How do Trading 212 disclose their info? I’d estimate they’re the closest match.

Bit apples and oranges to compare a large provider with a start up.