FX impact

Using both T212 and Freetrade, I’ve noticed when investing in US stocks, T212 not only tells me my gain/loss but also the FX impact on my investment. Is there such a feature on Freetrade that I’m missing? If not this would be a great help and would reflect investment values better

Would be a nice feature to have

That would be nice.

I like the idea of this sometimes right after you buy it shows -0.2% which is likely due to the FX impact. Showing this as a breakdown would be perfect! :ok_hand:

i think Freetrade may be making a bit of money on Fx, so doubt this revenue generating “feature” will go away. 0.45% is like paying for gas on Ether(eum) trades, which is not ideal i suppose.

Quick search - people have asked for this before. Im using brokers that hold money in Us dollars for me, so I take an Fx hit when I withdraw US into a bank account or when I fund my trading a/c. I also get to see exactly how much Im paying for Fx conversion.

I agree. I don’t see why FT would show this.