Gainers and losers of 2020

Bought a Tesla Share on 31st December didn’t expect this kind of growth in exactly 1 month!

I bought Commercial Property due to their monthly dividend payments - hopefully they head back up in price soon!

What’s your highest and biggest looses of 2020 so far?


I’ve got a really strong middle of my portfolio.

And some that are just having a great time

And then there’s Slack.


Wow you bought in on some of those at fantastic prices! What price do you think you’d sell Tesla at?

If you want to wait until tonight after market hours - I’ll roll out the stock of the month thread. :sunglasses:


May have ordered a Tesla…so not sure I’ll sell for a while yet!


Biggest gain of 2020 were Ceres, followed by Beyond Meat and ITM power.

In term of the worse performing shares is definitely Lloyd’s

But my biggest looses of 2020 are FTSE 100 (ishare), Imperial Brands and Vanguard FTSE all world, which are my three biggest holding. They were up respectively 4%, 7% and 4%; now they are a bit down:

Looking forward to it, as always! :raised_hands:


Best gain of 2020 that I’ve sold so far is about 40% on Greatland Gold but I didn’t hold a big position unfortunately.

Seems like my portfolio is tanking at the min, 8 shares making a loss only 2 up :disappointed:

Screwed myself with M&C Saatchi last year. Price dropped a bit and I thought I’d hold and see what happens. Then the accounting scandal came out and it tanked 50%. So I dumped it thinking potentially worse could maybe come but seems I sold at the bottom of the dip :cry:

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