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I’m not sure people are wary about meeting up, I bet if they opened the pubs today they’d be rammed (with idiots I might add)

Really depends on your goals. Are you looking to take quick profits from your investments or are you looking for companies that will grow over time (and take profit in a few years)?

44% gain is nothing to be ashamed of. Better than your Marcus account for sure.

In terms of any data helping the decision, FT Markets:

Trading update:

As stated previously, trading for the Group in the nine months to the end of February was in line with expectations. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent closure of our operations globally, our performance has been impacted. However, our recovery since re-opening has been better than expected.


What a beast of a stock. Wish I had some haha!


Recovery has been better than expected, and it’s a more international group than I first thought.

  • 306 of the total 532 branches back up and running in 20 countries.
  • Pre-tax profit guidance upgraded to “no less than £85m”, up from “no less than £70m”. This is versus the £81m of pre-tax profit seen a year earlier. Unbelievably, GAW might come out of Covid stronger than expected and by this metric, stronger than last year.
  • £16m of royalty payments from IP, up from £11.4m in 2019.

But this might not be a cheap entry point. Some of the metrics are eye-watering. P/E ratio is £34.99 right now on HL! Do your own research as always.

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Annual report:

Shares up 9%


Now £93, knew I should have kept them but sold at £75, oh well, still made a profit.

I sold at £75 too and then again at £83 (bought at £44).

Think I’ll hang on to my last few until they hit £100!

Shares up 17%


What are our thoughts on GAW as a dividend stock. I’m currently up 65% but torn between taking the profit and keeping long term as a dividend play?

Not a direct response to it being a dividend stock but for me every time I see a new lockdown or the potential of further lockdowns GW stock goes up. Will not be considering selling any of it for a while based on that

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Pretty much my reasons for just holding onto it. I understand the fundamentals of the company but I am not a customer of the brand so struggle with why it has a very good customer retention rate.

They’re selling a universe so popular that the universe has been licensed into something like 100 different PC and console games outside just the table top component they directly sell.

Since they’re the custodians of the universe they ultimately decide what’s canon and what’s isn’t. As long as they don’t make their customers upset they’ll keep taking in the money since it’s the universe and lore that keeps people in the game.

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Thanks for that. It’s one of a low number of companies I own due to strong financials and future growth prospects where I have little to no interest in the product on a personal level.
Maybe that is the best stock to have, one that you have based on head rather than heart.

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Your probably right. I don’t own any of the stock, but do play some of their licensed pc games on occasion.

The one risk they have I think is if their war hammer universe loses interest, since that’s where most of their focus is. The only reason I recon this might happen is if management change the nature of the game because someone’s upset at the war and violence. I’ve already seen people claiming orcs are racist… and comparing them to actual humans (kind of screwed up thing to compare). But as long as the core game and universe don’t change I don’t see them going anywhere any time soon, they’d have to really screw up for fans to leave I think.

That’s the kind of insight I can not get being a non user so thanks. I think the violence conundrum applies to a lot of the popular gaming big players but it makes vast amounts of money so can’t see it being too heavily regulated anytime soon.

I also like the tie in with Marvel as it opens up another fan base to the brand.

The trading statement is out

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Hi all,

Here’s our article today on Games Workshop. You’ll get another chance to read it in Honey later but thought you might like a heads up.