Gamespot Short Squeeze and Limit Sell limitations

There’s a serious chance of the biggest wealth distribution in modern times happening this week. The shorts and getting short squeezed: the market makers are getting Gamma squeezed on GameStop stock (ticker $GME). The fact that you can only place a limit sell order at 200% of current stock price quite simply isn’t good enough. It’s my money in my shares. I should be able to set any sell price I want. As well as paying you guys for plus just so I could set limit orders to begin with (trading212 do it for free btw). Up the limit to 1000% at least please although there really shouldn’t be any limit. The last time a short squeeze like this happened Volkswagon was the most valuable company in the world for a few breif moments hence why limit orders are so important. $GME shares already up 50% pre-market and in Frankfurt.

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I just placed a limit order at 8000%. You might want to describe your problem in further detail.

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Ahhh does it let you place higher limit orders during actual market hours? If so that is sweet

A limit with drivewealth maybe in how the handle out of hours orders?

I see what you mean about the 200% thing with US shares. I tried a UK one. It does mention outside of market hours so presumably the limit doesn’t exist when the market opens

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Possible, i’ll try as soon as the NYSE opens, cheers Eden

I don’t know about your limit order issue. But this is going to be interesting to watch when market opens. I agree this is going to be a massive wealth distribution event just note that it is not going to be evenly distributed, a lot of innocent accounts will be hurting by end of the week, so good luck.


The squeeze has not squooze yet …

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While the squeeze may propel it much higher, it won’t go up forever, and it probably won’t stay there long. Someone is going to end up holding the bag. Be careful


T212 has restrictions too.

For majority of the stocks it’s set at 30-40% difference from the current price for both buy and sell limits.

Users see the following:

I bought in at $16 so I should be fine, fair value for this is probably around $70 minimum short term if people believe Ryan Cohan can transform its E-commerce. Thanks for the warning regardless.

I haven’t even bought the damn thing. I like long term investing not short term gambling. I am almost 900% up in Tesla and havent sold a single share. I am still buying :slight_smile:

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The hedges have to buy 140% of the available shares on the market. They will be buying our shares in the squeeze. They are the bag holder. That is the point.

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