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I know all that, But I don’t think it’s applicable to what he was asking. There is a 15% dividend on US cash dividends.

But if they issue a stock dividend to drivewealth or whoever and then that is sold and cash distributed does that tax still apply? I don’t know and the answer is not on that page

Anyway, from Rajan’s post looks like it may well be supported

A few people have raised questions about taxation on the proposed stock dividend. As far as I can see, the stock dividend would not be a taxable event as no cash alternative would be offered.

Effectively, it looks like Gamestop is proposing to do a stock split using stock dividend as the mechanic. That would increase the number of issued shares while the value of the company stays the same. So, where you used to have 1 Gamestop share trading at $190, you’d maybe now have 7 worth $27.14 each. There’s no gain to tax. Any liability for tax would only kick in if you subsequently sell your shares at a profit.


what happen if you have an unequal numver of shares (or fractions) in a stock split. I dont hold $GME but do hold $TSLA on both freetrade and orca.

The spilt is handled the same with fractional and whole shares but given that fractional shares go to .0000007 there will be a point to which they round off at.

Freetrade still doesn’t allow us to vote though so all this worry for Dividends may be pointless as there seems to be a lot of shares held in a brokerage that forfeits our right to have a say.

I would say, now more than ever it is vital that shareholders get to have a say in the upcoming meeting in June.

Perhaps all of those worried about how a dividend will be handled should consider what other actions are needed to perhaps not only ensure they get the correct share dividend but also the vote that may secure such a thing.

We also have to consider the transaction cap is STILL in place, I’m only in £40k but still have to liquidate in chunks and pay x2 fees (i wonder if that works out more expensive) if i want to get out.

I shudder to think what would happen if this SP did jump considerably. You would be there all day trying to sell and each transaction would carry individual FX fees and charges.


But in a stock split you end up with more shares so for example if it was 2 for 1 even if you had 0.0000001 shares it wouldn’t matter because you would end up with 0.0000002 shares post split

There is a rounding that takes effect but I can’t remember to which decimal place. I’m sure it was mentioned here a few weeks ago. It’s so tiny that it could be 1p-2p territory.

This would be a standard stock split, I’ve had no experience with the proposed GME split.

I can see why they would need to round it in a reverse split, but doesn’t seem necessary in an ordinary split

Good point, maybe it was a reverse split.

The fees you pay on ft are percentages so 1 trade vs 10 trades the total amount is the same (assuming fx rate stays the same).

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Technically, Gamestop isn’t proposing a stock split. They’re proposing a stock dividend. So it’s a dividend issued in the form of stock. Each share would be entitled to receive additional shares at a set multiplier. So if it’s a 7 for 1, you’d be issued with the correct number of shares to take your holding from 1 share to 7 shares.

I’d assume for Freetrade customers, this will be relatively straightforward. Presumably, the US custodian, Drivewealth, will just notify the company of the number of GME shares it holds on behalf of Freetrade customers and then it will be issued with the appropriate stock dividend which will, in turn, be credited to each of the individual beneficial owners.

I am sure that Freetrade will be able to facilitate this type of transaction if it is confirmed by the company following the vote. Incidentally, Tesla are also following this path and Google and Amazon have stock splits in progress so you’d expect that brokers are prepared to manage this type of transaction.


Has anyone heard from Freetrade regarding the latest stock split announcement about what they’re going to do and what shareholder will receive?

I’m assuming that we won’t be able to vote again :confounded:

Should be fine if it’s just shares, I’ve had various splits like Orion office reit where everyone got shares.

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The current agenda is for voting to start in April. The meeting is in June (date TBC).

As for Freetrade facilitating individual voting, while past experience suggests this is unlikely, Gamestop’s preliminary proxy statement suggests that non-votes will be considered as FOR the shares amendment proposal. So, the only thing that would be an issue here, I think, is if Freetrade/Drivewealth actively voted against the proposal (or abstained) on our behalf. In order to do that, they’d have to have had the shares in their possession on the record date (8 April 2022) not on loan.

So, in conclusion, it appears that the stock dividend is most likely to go ahead and it appears that Freetrade is completely capable of managing the process. Exciting times ahead.


Think I’ve had Tesla and maybe one other stock split since being with Freetrade so fingers crossed.
That’s interesting that non votes are classed as FOR, is that normal or something they announced in their most recent filing about the meeting?

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Extremely exciting times ey! I believe voting starts 4/20, apt :slight_smile: The non-votes clarification was nice to read, should see it over the line easily enough I’d say/hope.


It’s in the preliminary proxy statement the company filed yesterday.

I don’t think anything is ‘normal’ when it comes to Gamestop but it certainly seems like the board has thought every move through.


Indeed. They’re keeping everyone guessing as well on this and they don’t even have to win the vote to do a stock dividend as the current 76M or so issued shares can still be increased to 300M within existing permissions.

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They also don’t have to do a stock split even if the vote goes through. Literally covering every angle.

Yup. Steady progress, lots of options that all lead to the same conclusion.