GameStop Corp (GME) Share Chat

Has anyone seen at this?

Probably a hedge.

Whoever it was they are betting against the market. GME beta last check was -6.7r aw -4.1 adj(updated on 9.4) If they are right, high possibility GME will launch soon.

What do people think about the potential GME squeeze in comparison to AMC. I assume that if one has a short squeeze, the other will pop off at the same time ?

It would seem that most people think that GME’s position is more extreme than AMC although both are considered to be heavily shorted.


Hello and welcome. I personally believe that GME will squeeze higher by orders of magnitude. This is due to the fact that AMC has a lot of debt and had to borrow to survive, issue stock etc. The unique thing about GME is the fact that only 70 million shares exist and they have more cash in the bank account than they owe in debt. That ratios of shorts to actual stock is they key. Plus GMEs corperate story is stronger (cash generation)

But amd maybe shorted by the same people, so it may be a chain reaction


Imagining what I’ll be like if GME pops off and there’s a delay to AMC being margin called. Would let me put my GME gains there and multiply them, but I can only dream of the cards being dealt that way.

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IF GME flies, there will be plenty of discounted stocks available to snap up with your gains.


I hope they sort out the 25k limit before it takes off. I don’t understand why they have it in the first place, do they have a 25k buy limit? Wouldn’t they get way more profit from allowing 2% of a few big transfers than allowing 100’s of little transfers where the price is going up and down?


I think there is a higher chance it reaches $25, than $25,000


Just based on all the evidence, this stock will be worth a high value due to the fact it will undergo rapid transformation.l - Whether you believe in the squeeze or not. They have just paid of all their debt so it’s only up from here.

Surely you mean it’s only up for $4. This was the last time an accurate price was quoted before the madness kicked off.

I mean GME isn’t acting like a regular stock, so anything could happen.

Maybe someone much cleverer than me can answer this question as it is something I just can’t get my head around avoiding :+1:

If the GME craze really is expected to shoot up to some ridiculous high price then why is it not higher now? Surely there are literally millions of investors around the world who would just buy as much as possible and sell even at say 5k but the price is just falling.

I mean surely all the experts would be thinking it is easy money right?

Personally, and again my non-expert opinion, I think it will settle now and no launching but will leave a decent business that has come out of the situation in a much better position with lots of free PR.

It is such a great topic and would be good to hear about opinions without the whole “FT are cheating me with the 25k limit” attitude.

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The people who believe this is going to happen believe that because the shorts position is so large (whether disguised by options or whatever) that at some point they will be forced to buy the shares back but there won’t be enough shares on the open market for them to cover their shorts, so they will end up fighting amongst themselves and bidding the share price up to ridiculous levels.

I think the number of people who now believe this is still going to happen is pretty small in the grand scheme of things, hence the price isn’t being bid up (yet)

I’ve very sceptical that this will happen, but it would be nice if it did


Yeah that is kinda my theory. After all if it was even probable then surely the millions of experts out there would be getting in now?

Hope it goes up for those involved but not sure it will. I bought 1 share just to see what it does :joy:

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I actually have a dream/nightmare :joy: that someone like Bobby “Axe” Axlerod has farms of fake “retail” accounts manipulating the markets to sting the genuine small guys in the long run as he doesn’t want them in the stock universe upsetting the applecart :joy:

I know Billions is fiction but I just can’t understand why the big boys wouldn’t try to manipulate the story.

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There’s a lot to this question, Gary, and. as you’d expect, there’s no simple answer.

Some people argue that the stock is massively OVER valued at its current rate. There are analysts who claim to believe that the true value is around $10.

There are those who argue that on fundamentals alone, it’s way UNDER valued and that those ten dollar analysts are just doing the bidding of the hedge funds who are paying handsomely to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt.

The core issue is that NOBODY has access to all the data so it’s extremely difficult to make an objective judgement. Those that do look into the back story find it extremely polarising. Either you see a very complicated orchestrated attempt at market manipulation or you see a bunch of dreamers clutching at straws.

For me, the evidence is compelling. Why would hedge funds put so much effort into manipulating the stock if their positions were covered? How could all of those retail investors in every corner of the globe possibly own shares in the company if the shorters hadn’t created so many fake shares? Bear in mind, that the company has only issued 70 million shares.

GME isn’t a craze. It’s a calculated risk. It’s millions of people all over the world looking at the evidence and believing that something doesn’t add up. Of course, that doesn’t mean it will fly. A lot of things have to align before a squeeze can happen but the signs are there and a lot of powerful forces (including the company) are mobilising.

One thing that it won’t be is ‘easy money’. If the squeeze happens, it will be as the result of a monumental effort by a lot of people all over the world: people who want to put an end to hedge fund manipulation, people who are taking a chance with what little funds they have and institutions who need to apply the law and tackle corruption.


:+1:Cheers for a great reply!! That sounds like a real balanced view. I reckon those who are not too greedy may make a small fortune and some who are too greedy keep it too long :joy: I think in the end GME could be a decent company when all is said and done so low risk and a potential for huge gains.

Are you part of Reddit groups such a r/GMe and r/Superstonk? You’d be very mistaken if the people who believe in this ‘are few and far between’, if you read DD, it shows some pretty crucial advancements have been made making people believe in it a lot more