GameStop Corp (GME) Share Chat

Kind of irks me slightly that obviously-welcome visualised info like this seems to have to be presented as “no one is selling! Everybody is holding!”… I mean, the truth is that a smallish few are selling bits here & there when golden opportunties arise (I let a tiny handful [single figures] go when it went just above $340 yesterday myself), it’s just that it’s not enough to make much of a dent overall, which in itself is absolutely a win-win for pretty much everyone in retail, surely?

The fact that the vast majority is happy to keep on holding for the moon, and a relative few others can make these superb mini-trades while still holding most and not spoiling the apes’ day, that just seems an even better message to me than the spin on it that nobody at alll is selling any - I of course get that it’s not meant like that in an absolutely literal sense, and I suppose that there are some in the ranks who really do need the constant reassurance, plus they want to discourage trading and keep everyone on the same diamondhands page, but y’know… when a truly significant number of people do decide to sell, whenever that is, they’ll sell, and there’s not much anyone else will be able to do about that then. It’s lovely that most are holding firm at the moment, as it’s allowing some of us to “safely” realise drip-fed profits on the way, and when you’re at a point where you’re basically playing with completely free shares (I’ll end up with a very decent stack of em myself soon at this rate), any proper intense squeeze scenario is just gona be like a cool breeze, whatever may go down =D

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The fundamentals are misunderstood and this means the risk is far far reduced from others’ opinions imo.

The float is small, GME is a fantastic proposition, I feel I can hold as long as I want. I haven’t bet more than I can lose.

If there is as many fake shares as we suspect, oooo ya beauty I’m in the money bruh.

Where’s the downside?


It’s truly ridiculous how little downside there is if you got in at a decent price (and there have been plenty of opportunities to)… I can’t see any for me, and I’ve been looking as hard as I can =/


This. I’m in at a low price and know even if I slept through the squeeze the shares are still worth more than what I paid.


The Hyperbolic Hodlers lol. All = Most I think as opposed to any sort of ill intent

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With one share and your investment covered by the sale of its now lost twin, you couldn’t be in a better position. You can afford to hang on to it and see what happens. On one side, there are lots of people all over the world who believe that your share could become worth a huge amount of money. There are others who don’t. All you have to do is wait and see. Keep an eye on the share price and if it increases enormously, then you’ll be quids in when you sell.

As you’re on Freetrade you’ll need to be aware that the platform has a maximum trade value policy (which may or may not be reviewed if the GME shares fly to the moon). So you may want to do a little swotting up on how to sell fractional shares.

As for an increase in volume, I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Just keep your one share close and your fingers crossed. Good luck.

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Some people are day trading. Of course they are. It’s a risk they’re willing to take. But, if it actually does fly, some day traders will be caught out and miss out on the trade of a lifetime.

For me, I’m happy with the level of capital I’ve put at risk. I don’t doubt the long-term future for the company so I’m convinced that I would get an acceptable return on fundamentals. That means that for now, I can focus on the possibility of the squeeze and just hold and wait and see. Absolutely no chance that I would risk the big potential for some little gains here and there.

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Any day traders who are letting go of a significant proportion of their shares bought at lower rates aren’t really playing it as well as they could be - it will represent a quick & easy small profit, but it may well be a while before the price settles down again.

I’d say those selling minimal amounts in staggered transactions when certain price thresholds are met are just being fairly sharp and covering their risk as they go; the trick is to weigh up how much you’re keeping hold of for any eventuality against how much those small sales will reduce your cost basis. For me personally, having not sold any of mine at the last peak when all the broker restrictions happened with RobinHood et al, and just bought dips for almost all of the past few months, letting tiny little bits go for 600%+ of their initial cost makes too much sense for me to turn down when it hardly touches the size of my overall stack - I don’t know what other funny business may lie ahead with brokers as this unfolds further after all, so realising a little profit on the way adds up for me as an individual, aware of the various possibilities.

Anyone selling big chunks of their holdings right now is just setting themselves up for regret though; there’s an opportunity cost you need to factor in, so that wouldn’t make good strategic sense at this moment.

Probably not the most popular opinion here, but I personally wouldn’t mind another massive dip to gobble up XD

FOMO-ing in while it’s relatively high isn’t for me - I’m certainly not complaining about those who do though!


Anyone who is confident in their convictions wants dips to buy.

We all like that shizzle.

Take your protein pills and put your helmets on…

r/Superstonk Live - GameStop Annual Shareholder Meeting - June 9, 2021

I have set a trigger price which is low in regard to some peoples expectations but a lot of money for me. :+1:


The Shareholder Meeting stream is due to go live any minute at the link above :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Good luck to you.


Thank you for your advice and good luck too :grin:

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Naked short selling on cnbc last night.

Ex SEC chair in confirming it was rampant.

Expect moves.

Those charts conveniently start on the 10/4/21 after a month of dips :man_facepalming: Not saying it won’t go high but it is very misleading to suggest that is where it will go. If you picked other days the chart would look totally different indeed.

If you start a chart at the rock bottom point it will always look great :stuck_out_tongue:

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That actually says 04/2020, sorry for the small writing :man_facepalming:

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Gamestop 8K Filing

Total votes counted equals 55.5mil, roughly the float. I wonder what the real share count is when we include those that couldn’t vote and Institutions that didn’t vote? Tits jacked.

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