GameStop Corp (GME) Share Chat

It was a genuine question until you decided to add this

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In terms of beating the Hedge Funds, it’s not Retail vs (All) Hedge Funds and we like to think we’re riding or holding onto Blackrock’s coattails for now to a certain extent. I’m not saying Blackrock are out to make Retail wealthy but I do think they are with Ryan Cohen and his transformation.

Secondly, and probably most importantly, is that these HF’s beat themselves all the time. The competition between banks has become so severe due to the size of their biggest parties and their ability to absorb others that they are going to extreme lengths to make greater returns. Big fish > little fish > cardboard box.


That’s a fair point, but if you buy GME or AMC while believing it is manipulated you are still putting yourself in the firing line.

Maybe some believe it’s a noble stand against corruption, that’s fair enough, Or maybe it’s a gamble on being on the winning side? but I’d rather just stay clear

The whole market is in the firing line and yes I can beat them cos I’m so stupid they can’t calculate it.

I’m here for the money mate, must say I have learnt a lot through this whole thing too so no harm there. It’s Risk/Reward. Simple as. You perceive more risk whereas I’m seeing more potential reward.


Not to say I don’t see the risk also, I just choose to ignore it :clown_face:


Massive 357 trades first minute

Some insane infighting going on over at Reddit. I can’t honestly believe this is all down to ‘Redditors’ having a tiff. Very interested to see how it all ties in after the fact!


The subreddits have been utterly deranged for several months now, so it doesn’t surprise me in the least bit that it’s all descended into a pathetic soap opera shiteshow again, complete with a new splinter sub to serve as Noah’s Ark for the ‘true ape community’ once more.

Curiosity took me from my original dabblings on WSB to the GME sub, but my own last posts on that were from like March basically saying that they’d all gone absolutely fucking mental on there (and directly calling that Pixel chap out for being a misguided narcissist, among others). Dipped into the new thingies now and then, and it all seems to’ve got considerably worse since, so my opting out of all the wacko paranoia & inept interpersonal drama has proven justified.

If there was ever a situation calling for a cool, hands-off, just-wait-and-see approach it’s the ridiculous $GME rollercoaster - imagine following it all closely every day in painstaking detail, every accusation of shilldom and every mass fallout and every deluded threat… you’d be in a padded room in no time


I’m hoping this crypto dividend will come true in August / September that was short sellers are done

it’s human nature. luckily that investing strat is so simple it’s not really that hard to go wrong. But some of the conversations there are excellent.

Fidelity hiring and mentioning the squeeze.


Very interesting piece on LinkedIn, comments section is also very enlightening

Not even a million volume so far today, it just keeps getting drier

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Finished the day with 1.27mil, lowest since 2017 I believe

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Any updates on limits being raised? 25k per transaction wouldn’t be enough for this.

Even if 1 person had 1 share, it got to 1mil and they wanted to sell it at that they’d need to break it up and potentially miss the window because they’re putting through separate orders.

Also, what’s the liklihood of rejected orders on this stock on freetrade?

Sorry if its been asked before, MOASS could be right around the corner and I want my mind easing as these have always been stuck on my mind since the beginning…

If your mind really is that bothered I would suggest you move the shares to a broker that handles £1,000,000 shares. :+1: It has been asked a million times before and even if it was raised I don’t see it going to your theoretical levels of £1m so probably better to find a different broker.


Do Freetrade allow you to transfer your shares to a different broker?
I set up an account with HL but I think I’ll have to sell my GME shares and buy them back in HL which I don’t really want to have to do.

Freetrade have said that they will consider raising the limit IF it becomes necessary but I suppose we just need to take their word for it that they can raise it in time and wont screw us if GME does take off.
I have faith in FT though, they have done right by us in the past in regards to GME.

No they don’t but the people who say they believe this conspiracy have for ages been saying the same thing but still don’t move their shares across. If you believed it even 5% to be true then surely you would just sell and re-buy rather than risk not becoming a billionaire. :+1: Even if they sold in batches they would eliminate the risk of losing out.

Not sure who is going to buy millions of shares at a £million a piece though and you can only sell if someone else buys :joy: