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Highland Troll is back again. What’s with the essay, ese? TLDR.

I really think you should do your own research, or if not, you would get someone else to do for you or, you could do none at all.
And/or you could just buy a stock that all the idiots are buying and them call them idiots for buying the stock.

To me it just smacks of the feeling that the idiots may actually have a slight chance they are actually made a trade of a lifetime and now you have to suffer the indignation of reading the village idiots bang on about it on a public forum.


Edit: do agree with the luck part tho, but I think more than luck you need capital.

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Yep, right over your heads. :laughing:

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Was it supposed to a joke? Pretty poor tbh

This. Can’t beat them but can’t bear to join them.