GameStop Corp 💾 (GME) Share Chat

You’d have to sell in FT and buy again in your other broker


Just keep them with FT mate. DRS will get there without the majority of us UK holders. Plus your ISA gains will of course be tax free


Chill, sit back and watch the show man.



Anyone know what’s happened today ? Volume is looking ridiculous too (almost double the average) and not too sure why.

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Maybe blackberry forced (share buybacks) a situation where the basket of memes was handled by whales. Look at the charts of the others.

If shorts got out months ago how are they still managing to extend those losses? Answer being that they of course didn’t get out, but likely got in deeper :slight_smile:

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hey guys.

i’ve been reading pretty much everything i could find on this website about DRSing GME from freetrade. i know it’s impossible, you need to sell and buy through IBKR and go through all that.
nevertheless, i feel like this is actually something freetrade should offer - not only for GME, but for any company that offers this.

i found the entire discussion a bit dismissive from the more seasoned members questioning why one would want to do this, criticising computershare for what seems absurd reasons (they have an ugly website…….freetrade don’t even have a functional website where you can login and see your shares, just the app). there’s also the air of “antivax” and other stupid terms used by users of this website to describe users of reddit, as if reddit obviously only has 3 types of people using it.

i guess my question is if there is any active thread to vote in for transferring shares as a feature request.

DRS is the way to expose a ton of corruption in the US and international systems. people saying that “gme is going nowhere” are either ignorant or (willing or not) approving said corrupt system. just open freetrade, open the GME ticker and look at the 1y graph - this is how nowhere looks like.


I think their point is it shouldn’t be above major features like EU expansion or a web version :wink:, seeing as it is a niche request.

And if you can’t see a touch of the tinfoil hat in the GME forums you aren’t looking very hard.

Good luck bringing down the system :rocket::rocket:


Just checking in to say hi to fellow GME holders…it’s been a long ride but looking forward to a spicy quarter :grin:
Hoping there’s a loopring related announcement and at the bare minimum a good earnings report.

Personally, I can’t see them not releasing some NFT related news/product in time for Christmas, it’s too important a period for consumer related businesses.


Everyone loaded up their GME (and loopring just in case)? Things are looking spicy :hot_pepper: