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Seemingly the drop last was due to the whole of ETFs in the the russell 3000 with GME in it being shorted LOL.

Dropped 40 dollars so quick and I still hold no problem.

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Some outlets have seemed a tad too keen to take a pretty strongly negative read of that report (provides an equally insubstantial fluff-counterbalance those who refuse to ever take their rose-tinted specs off re anything GME, I suppose) - I agree there’s much in it to augur well purely on an ‘organic’ growth perspective.

That bunch of new proper high-profile hires at the business end (ex-Chewy, Amazon, Google, etc.) - that’ve quite clearly pushed through by Cohen making his big opening moves - are a great sign, although they aren’t a guarantee of success. A doomed company doesn’t tend to get that kind of gang coming in, it’s not for nothing he’s got involved so deeply and people who know their stuff are excited by the prospect


You do know that a £25K+ share price would be because of a ‘squeeze’ and not the fundamentals of the business? This is the point that seems to be ignored by the OG in here who seem to take joy in discrediting the new posters who’ve joined FT recently?

Whether it happens or (more likely) not, trying to discount it based on the fundamentals of the company, rather than the discussion around the shorting of the company, says more about you than it does the WSB style spammy posters that have turned up.

It’s 100% not worth £25K+, but is it worth more than it’s sitting at now? If the transformation works, it could be… but then that’s how the game works isn’t it?

BTW I’m only here because of GME, i’m in the process of transferring my ISA, so generating business for FT - this is good for FT, and I’m not the only one - but the OG on the forum who seems upset with all the new faces in here really could put people off sticking around.


I just don’t understand why people are concern about our choice of investment. We believe in the transformation of this company. And this thread is clearly made to discuss about GME not about us having a dumb investment. We have done our own research and we have our own reasons to believe it will reach or exceed 25k mark.

Lets have a look at VW 2008. I know its totally different scenario but if we talking about fundamentals. Was the company worth 370 Billions$. No it was not. Not at all. And Gamestop saga is an an unprecedented event. Could it be the 2nd VW? No one know, there is nothing certainty about this at all. Anything could happen.

And the reason people asking to remove the 25k limit bracket. Can it be done? How long it would take to bring up the limit or remove it so we can trade FREELY and make it truly FREETRADE. (I know admin has replied). There is no reason to mock or bash at us new users. We have the right to ask and its a technical question. The goal is to improve Freetrade service and customers experience, satisfaction. Its a WIN - WIN. Can we please be nice to eachother?


No one disagreed with the 25k limit, scroll up, its generally positive. There was about a 72 hour period where about 15 new threads were opened about the same thing with aggressive accusations and demands and far too many exclamation marks. That’s what winds up the regulars, sensibly asking for new features is cool.

Speaking for just myself the forum is far better than six months ago for all the new users. When I see 20 new topics updated rather than 1 after a day or two out, I know it’s worth a visit. :+1::rocket:


Good morning - Looking forward to a good day for GME today !!


This is gonna be spicy till quarter end and possibly beyond

Is this lift off?

Na, liftoff will have NYSE halt trading on GME at least 4 times an hour

Only 24830 to go :muscle: :rocket:


This hits the nail on the head.

There are two plays here. One is the long term prospects for the company now that it has a transformation plan and a board that seems to have the ability to deliver its vision.

The other is a short squeeze.

If you’re a long devotee of $GME, the squeeze is a bonus. If you’re chasing the squeeze the long play is your back up plan.

I like the stock.


999,838 left to go, surely

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1,999,838 for me…

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Nice option chain has been set up. Its a very very expensive day. Some body really want this thing to take off

Obligatory :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Still waiting for a bigger dip. At a time when I have some free capital.

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Been out of the loop following this on here, been on r/GME only… are there any concerns / tricks to cashing out when this squeezes that people have come up with? Or is it just triggered / limit sells up to £25k on repeat?

woudn’t worry at all about 25k. it will not get there. people will be selling at 500, 1k, 2k, 5k 10k ect.
It will drop the price for sure. Just remember there is no us in the investing, i want money i take it :smiley:


You do you mate

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Best way is to make sure you sell fractionals to make the most of your 10 million floor.

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A clearly written investment case would also be a great value add for the community instead of scattered reposting of the media and Reddit’s links.

If you can not clearly defend your investment in plain English - it speaks a ton of the risks involved.

From what I have seen the short squeeze has been discussed from the end of January…

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