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Ortex are literally on r/Superstonk

I suspect credit suisse can’t find a total return swaps counterparty

Some suspect billions of shares.


Check out the Data section. Very interesting. Some real whales coming out of the woodwork recently. 88mil+!

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Did everyone that wanted one get a (Stonky) share Certificate NFT? Hit me up if I missed you

Rabbit hole deepens…


Just the 90mil shares directly registered with Computershare so far. 63.5mil more before all retail shares are locked up. What do we see happening then?

Screenshot 2022-11-23 172242

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I can’t wait to see what total return swaps credit suisse holds when they go under.


wel well well

Here we go again!


Let’s see where this is going.

To the moooon obvs :rofl:

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Pre-market at the moment

Yep. 30 today possible

Update on the state of $GME float.

54.37mil reamining before free float is locked up.
58.5mil self reported shares short as of 15/03.

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They won’t let it happen

Let what happen?

What any DD says should happen

Bold statement, implies you’ve read all of this lot?

I have read it, pretty much all of it. I just think ‘they’ll’ stop it

Business turnaround has always been the main backstop to any gamble imo. Things I’m excited for:

  1. If profitability will continue into Q1.
  2. This Q’s DRS number. 10-K still not been filed.
  3. What happens when DRS hits 100% of Free Float, then 100% of entire Float

I think it’s inevitable now that DRS will get to 100% of FF relatively soon. Do you think this is where ‘they’ll’ pull the pin and try to force issuance of new shares?

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This q’s drs number intrigues me.

The latest amount of profitability surprised me nicely.

Issuance, not sure !!