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Short squeeze already happened when it hit $500. I’m guessing shorts covered fully and re-shorted it from $400-$500 downwards, short interest is only less than 50% now. There’s no way another squeeze as massive as the last one would happen. More likely this is a dead cat bounce now, being driven by hedge funds covering after shorting from $400-$500. It’s what I would call, the famous cover rally.


SI is 60.35%

Respectfully, I’m not sure if that’s correct. But according to the data on the Bloomberg Terminal, short interest for GME has fallen to as low as 30% after this massive peak, I believe it was 50% last week. Hence my speculation, that institutional traders are covering to take profit right now.

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is that 39k per share? That’s quite the discount

I cant see this hitting the high $300~ it did previous, but this stock… what a ride. haha.

Apparently different counting methods are giving different figures for this

This guy does some pretty good DD on the situation pretty consistently - Reddit - Dive into anything

Relevant bit for SI:

Another catalyst I mentioned was today, the short interest report that was post Jan. 28th spike. Morningstar is reporting 60% and Fintel is reporting 24%. Again, the discrepancy between the two is simply based on a calculation difference using a different float. One is including synthetic longs while the other is not. This is the first mention I could find regarding the XRT discovery and how shorts may have actually essentially moved their positions into an ETF that includes GameStop. At this point, there are so many moving parts and distrust, I’m having trouble assessing what the true short interest might be. Regardless, even if we use the 24% figure and respect that to be true, this is still considered very high.

EDIT: I’ve been watching this all day on Yahoo, even with the big sell-off after opening it’s recovering slowly, could go either way IMO

only 1 way it can go… no gravity in space! LOL

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As a physicist, I can’t let this go, there is definitely gravity in space. The whole plot of Apollo 13 relies on it🚀


thats my DD all out the window! (and falling to the ground)

I heard Isaac Newton saw his AAPL stocks falling and thought of the idea🍎


Chaos haha!

I think it’s going to get really fun from 8pm

Jim Cramer’s trying to put “fire” on it.


I tried watching that guy once but it was so hard to watch: screaming, do this, do that. All corners of the room and in the end you are none the wiser, only a headache. It’s like a televised version of Motley Fool. In the GME case, I think he is scared that he is not seen anymore as a reference for retail investors. People flock to reddit (and this forum as well) because there are more people here doing due diligence than that guy and most of tv financial programs.


it seems to me that he has a certain influence on younger investors in the US. But this is just a particular observation based on the comments I read elsewhere.

I particularly read what he comments on, but I don’t take that as investment advice. Just out of curiosity.

Just as usual I decided to try my luck… And obviously invested too late to make profit. Well done me :joy:

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Make profit YET* … Squeeze has not Squozed :wink:


Predictions today then guys? Continued tanking, with lashings of FOMO buys and some new bag holders? (like me :smiley: )

According to bloomberg… Could hit 800… I think if it hits that then it may blow in to the 000’s

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That’s not what Bloomberg are saying. They’re saying people are betting it will hit $800. ‘Betting’ being the key word.

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