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Is the short squeeze still a thing?

Just seems like a huge pump and dump to me…

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Here is the due diligence that everyone should follow and read if you want to know why people believe there will be a gamma and short squeeze:


Just posted a link for you below. Please read, would love to hear your thoughts.


Anyone else tracking pre-market? Just hit $236


Meeeee… thoughts on whether it will pickup more when market opens or drop?

I have very little knowledge about anything but slightly expecting (hoping?) there will be another short but massive decline before the moonshot. Nothing that’s happened seems like the short squeeze yet, just a series of gamma squeezes from options and a drop of fomo.

My plan is to sell a 25% of what I have after a bit more of a run to cover everything I’ve spent, then 25% more at an amount I see as being very high which will give me a nice profit and then leaving the rest in case it gets crazy high.

None of this is financial advice obvs.


That makes sense. I have very little shares so will probably sell if it gets a little more higher. I planted all most of my money into AmC hoping for a squeeze but will have to wait that one out i think.

GME shares outstanding: 69.75M
GME shares on float: 45.16M



That’s in the trillions range if I’m not mistaken.

That’s roughly the market cap of Apple

Careful what you wish for. The whole financial system could implode before reaching those prices.

Is that our fault though? Blame the billionaire hedgies who got themselves into a position where they exposed themselves to unlimited risk. Sorry but that’s not my problem.


@Ray1 I’ve said exactly the same in the end of January.


A lot of people on here have been acting as though Freetrade and other brokers are like a shop where you buy stocks, talking about their right to buy etc. What you need to appreciate is they are like your estate agent, trying to get you a fair price and navigate the market for you, but if the market explodes, they aren’t setup for that necessarily. If the housing prices in your area went up 5000%, your estate agent would be in a strange position too.

I really hope this starts a revolution in supporting retail investors and making the rules fairer in this respect.


Lol why has my post now been hidden? I’ve said a valid point in regards to hoping that nothing happens to the Freetrade app during the squeeze.


unless you are vehemently agreeing with someone or singing the praises of freetrade, you get flagged. It never used to be the case for this forum, but it is these days.


i read the flagged comment expecting something outrageous boy was i disappointed lol


Back to where I ‘bought the dip’ on 1st Feb so will set a triggered stop loss and see what happens. I’ve read that 19th March is a significant date and wondered if anyone else heard anything similar?

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There have been a few dates thrown around before now and nothing has happened.

Just keep an eye on it and add some sell limits or stop losses in there where you’re happy to take a profit so you’re not left holding the bag if/when it drops.

$280 in premarket.


Gunna hit 300 wtf

19th is when the DTCC is supposed to do something about forcing payments or whatever is what I’ve heard