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There is only one uranium miner on freetrade. Uranium mining is going to be the next big thing.
I would strongly recommend that freetrade look at uranium miners. GCL is one of those quality miners basket on ETF. Please freetrade consider this. Also please vote. If you don’t understand why uranium isn’t going to be the next thing then you really need to do your research :wink:

They are listed on the Australian exchange, I’m not sure FT have access. I could be wrong

We’d love to provide more complete coverage of the sector.

Can you share the exact ticker, so we can look into it? Also, any other stocks?


I looked into projected Uranium demand when the spot price jumped due to the temporary Corona-virus closures, but given how predictable uranium demand is outside of that why do you believe it is set to increase?

Also is GCR even involved in Uranium, their latest report doesn’t mention it at all.

Attached is list of producers. Also I’m not sure what ticket they sit on. Gieger counter comes highly recommended.

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There is a downturn in uranium at the moment but as you say that is from covid 19. But what you have to understand is that uranium is finite unlike plutonium which can be manufactured. Uranium has also different properties that make it unique. The more it’s mined the more valuable its going to become same like silver and gold. There will be less miners going forwards but that gives an opportunity for the ones that survive going forward. Uranium will be part of the new global agenda of cleaner energy also. How do I know. I work in the industry!

A (temporary) downturn in supply, a significant increase in price, the price hasn’t been this high since early 2016.

In what capacity? Surely that precludes you from having a position in the affected industries?

In general (outside of a global pandemic shutting mines) I don’t see how there will be big surprises in Uranium price. My understanding is that it takes so long to bring on new nuclear capacity online that demand can be fairly accurately forecast into the near-future. Am I missing something or are you just looking like 10/20+ years ahead?

As you have stated I am looking years ahead. Silver at the moment is going to be one of the main players in the PMs market. I work in the energy industry but directly not for uranium that said many people have told me from an investment perspective long term is buy and hold that uranium is going to be exciting. It will be more a lucrative and emerging market. Like some of the other green energy providers. Also the main point is there aren’t any listed on freetrade bar one. It’s about choice, at the moment there isn’t any! If you don’t want invest in that sector that is your choice. :+1:

Ok thanks, if you could share any of your research that would be helpful.

Yeah I agree, regardless of the Uranium demand outlook it would be good to have the option for some more companies with nuclear energy exposure on Freetrade. I’m not sure how GCR fits that bill, but I agree with the idea in general.

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I believe they are listed on Toronto stock exchange

Uranium can be reprocessed, the only reason it has reduced recently is that there was an excess of uranium from decommissioned nuclear subs and missiles.

I’d be sceptical about uranium taking off as large chunks of civilian nuclear reactors are end of life with no imminent sign of easy replacement (all current new reactors are taking forever to build and massively over budget). At the same time renewables are ever cheaper and there are alternatives for baseload generation.

As I’ve stated in the above thread its about choice. I respect your opinion and you don’t have to invest. I’m sure there’s stocks you would recommend that I wouldn’t buy. It’s about choice but there isn’t one at the moment. :+1:

Let me talk to a colleague who knows about the industry better than me. I will get back you. I know he’s researched it a lot better than me. And he’s a doctorate and investment analyst. Cheers Mark

My colleague says the number of nuclear reactors that are being built over the next few years versus decarbonisation of the power grid. Rise of electric vehicles and green energy providers may not be able to compete. Destruction of uranium production capacity. There’s going to be a lot of people needing a lot of uranium and not much uranium available.

No it gets mined enriched then used to make power. Reprocessing is not really relevant. I’m only interested in the miners.

Sorry but that is just nonsense - you have 3 potential sources of uranium:

  • mining then enrichment
  • reprocessing
  • ex submarine fuel

If reprocessing wasn’t an issue why were large chunks of Sellafield built specifically to reprocess fuel? The same is true in several other countries.

But as I said there has been a surplus of high grade uranium from largely ex-soviet submarines.

I just checked the stats and the number of reactors has largely been stable for the last 20-30 years at around 440 reactors - losses in Europe being offset largely by new reactors in China.

Again if you compare the costs of nuclear vs renewables the obvious question is why you would invest in expanding nuclear?

Well. I am not here to argue. I’m here to invest. And I’m here to invest in miners, not reprocessing plants. There still will be the need to mine. It’s not going to go away completely. If you don’t want to invest that’s your choice.

GCL is listed on the LSE btw

I’ve edited it. Should be GCL apologies.

Check out Yellow Cake (YCA).