Genedrive plc GDR

This molecular diagnostics company develops and commercialises low cost, rapid, versatile, simple to use and robust point of need molecular diagnostics platform.

Anyone on this rocketship? I stuck some extra cash in a week ago and its up 60%. Sounds like one for the future.

Genedrive® is our rapid and low cost molecular diagnostics platform for the identification and treatment selection of infectious diseases.


Everyone on the hunt for the next tech/biotech firm, this looks like a nice homegrown one

Just bought this one and very hopeful for the near/mid future as company seems to be doing very well

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Surprised there isn’t more talk about this one given their US partnership and international opportunity. It’s done very well recently but looks as though it could still grow quite a lot over the coming months.

At this price can only go up.

Normally trades between £112-145 . It’s started to bounce back. Worth checking out


That’s over 2 billion people. Massive income base. This company will fly to new heights

I feel that the management have let this company down. Great devices but slow at releasing and completing. They were one of the first developing a quick test but now there are lots of others out there. Same with the hearing aid. I think I will sell a few and invest elsewhere.

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Seen a lot of chatter about this one lately. I was swayed to jump in, big news coming on Friday and some high expectations being banded about, bagging from it’s current price is expected before the end of the year.

As always, do your own research. I didn’t but sometimes I just like to let the gods decide.

Well today was a good good day
:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

I love how it was up 50% at one point today yet is only up 6% ‘max’

Good spot @J4ckSt4yn3s

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Put a whole different outlook on my portfolio today.

No doubt something will happen overnight and I’ll wake up in the morning deep in the red… But that’s something to worry about tomorrow. :grin:

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