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Where are the Robotaxis anyway? I thought there was going to be a million on the road by the end of last year.

Point being Elon Musk constantly exaggerates.

GM’s Cruise autonomous vehicles have outperformed Tesla’s in various tests and I think is second only to Waymo in terms of disengagements per mile driven

They can be found in Phoenix, Arizona.

They aren’t Tesla though. I’m talking about the ones Elon Musk promised us

They have a disadvantage at the moment, and I don’t mean that they don’t have any EVs. They lack the Infrastructure, It’s a big problem. I’m sure it’ll be solved eventually but if you can’t charge your car it’s kind of useless. I expect car manufacturers are going to have to spend billions on charging infrastructure if their models are to be successful or come to a common standard and have chargers kept functioning

GM’s autonomous algorithm works on geo fenced limited maps doesn’t it?

As fas as I know Musk has been promising for 500k cars in 2020, and that he achieved. On the robotaxis front, yes he’s been promsing a lot but missed it for this year. But I think this is a tough problem to solve and is ok to be missing deadlines.

I agree it’s a difficult problem, but the deadline was never realistic in the first place. Basically I’m saying take Elon Musk’s Timelines with a large pinch of salt

GM are now testing Autonomous cars without human backup drivers in San Fransisco, not sure if they are Geo Fenced though. I think Waymo are Geo Fenced

For me there are currently only 3 risks with Tesla. If nothing below happens, my opinion is Tesla will be going up for the next 5-10 years:

  1. execution risk. Musk needs to grow Tesla by 40-50% per year for 10 years
  2. robotaxis. Musk coming out and admitting lidar is needed (unlikely)
  3. Musk dies

Agree on the 1st part

I’ll have to double check if GM is geo fenced, that was my impression

For now, latest FSD beta releases have been seen to be very promising!

Anyway I didn’t set out to bash Tesla in this thread. Just to point out that the Legacy car makers aren’t giving up, GM are making large stride in autonomous vehicles and are planning a large range of EV’s


No worries, sorry if i sounded aggressive.

It’s just because I have friends I tried to urge them to invest in tesla when it was 500$ pre split, and they preferred to invest in Carnival. I hate this logic that you should buy a stock because it is cheap. Not every stock will go up. And if GM and other dinosaur automakers go up so be it. I just personally prefer to stay away of them, again my opinion. Have a nice new year!!


More positive news for the GM stock

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norway… i mean sweden. finland!!

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While Arrival & Rivian still toil GM have shipped the first of their EV delivery vans to FedEx.

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Are Cruise going under the autonomous vehicle radar a little? Lots of headline for Waymo & Tesla.

It’s a limited licence for night time <30mins taxi in a certain area but a big milestone.

If someone vomits in the back and then gets out you really don’t want to be the next person who hails this thing do you :nauseated_face:

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I don’t think Cruise are really under the radar, for the last 3+ years most considered them a top tier AV company. This leaderboard from 2019 that got a lot of traction at the time had them right at the top.

To be honest I don’t think that much has changed since and I think they aren’t that far behind Waymo and ahead/close to the tier 2s like Argo, Zoox etc…

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Maybe under the radar was a poor choice of words.

I tried to look at Google trends but ‘cruise’ is to generic to get anything useful it seems to me that Tesla & Waymo garner the majority of autonomous driving headlines.