Genflow Biosciences Plc - GENF - Share chat

Intention to float on London Stock Exchange.
Can I request that this IPO be made available on Freetrade

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Hi @Questor

welcome welcome welcome :ocean:

This one isn’t on the IPO calendar as yet but with a few votes I’m sure it’ll gain some traction. Can I ask you to follow the following template for the stock request please? Also anything you know that could get people excited, and therefore vote, will mean your chance of success is much higher.

I hope you find this place useful and I look forward to seeing you around :sauropod:

Please follow this template for these topics:

  • An image of the company’s logo
  • Topic’s title is the brand name, a ‘-’ & the stock ticker symbol e.g. Apple - AAPL
  • Include a short description of the company
  • A link to the company’s Wikipedia page
  • A link to the company’s page on Google Finance

It would be great to have the option please +1

@Barrigue @Questor Good news - Genflow Biosciences is now live on your app! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats just amazing. Thank u so much for prompt action :wink:

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Share is constantly going down and down…
Who else is regretting like me

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Well bought my first holding at 4.2p hope thats the bottom now they have applied for patents.