Gifting shares

The only way to encourage people to invest long term is to gift them shares.

I remember reading a story of a couple getting married back in 2002 and her best friend gave them 5 apple shares. ten years later the 5 apple shares were enough to help them in the house deposit when they had their first child.

I am fed-up of buying bday or Xmas gifts for friends and family. I would rather give them a Diego Shares instead of Whisky, Apple share instead of an iPhone, LVMH share instead of an LV bag.

Is there a way we can develop this?



+1 Would love to be able to gift shares to people

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This is could be very good for the growth of FT. Any suggestions on how it could work? Would the gifter buy these on a certain date and their held in escrow or what would happen. Wouldn’t people be just be gifting companies that are about to go ex-div :joy: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Great idea just wondering how this could be implemented


This sounds like an awesome idea. I’d gift my sibling some great shares for his birthday :smiley:

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Great idea!!!

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Thats would be nice, definitely a great idea!

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Great idea

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Would love this, i’d love to gift shares to people!

Oh what an excellent idea. What do I want for Christmas? VWRL gift card :smile:


Most likely he’d just prefer cash & would sell as soon as possible (probably not realising to avoid the £1 sell fee). Also depending on where they live & age it may not be possible

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Great idea. Would open three accounts for my kids.


To be able to incorporate it during Christmas time would be great marketing.

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Since getting FT I was telling people to give me money on my birthday so I could buy shares, but some of them are reluctant because they still want to “give” me something that isn’t money.

So yes, I’d definitely be all for this, although there’d have to be a way to do this without having to sign up for FT to make it seamless for the average family member/friend who isn’t interested in FT themselves.

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Incredible Idea… Could be excellent for growth, with little cost to FT.


I’ve opened (via my son) two SIPPs with HL and my wife and I have paid in each £40 monthly for the last 7 and 10 years, respectively, for my two grandchildren.
The SIPP means they can’t sell anything so its a good legacy.
I manage their accounts and pick their growth stocks/funds.


@Trailerman I agree that it works for that where there is in effect a “trustee” of the account but this is for straight up gifting of shares to people in charge of their finances. A children’s account has been suggested before and both children’s and just regular gifting should be on the roadmap at a later date. It would be great if this would be implemented in time for Christmas

Edit: Not being from the UK my knowledge of SIPP is limited so I’m sorry if I misjudged your point :sweat_smile:

Edit2: Agree with you about the legacy though. Well done to you!

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I am really happy to hear how positive this idea can help friends and families living in the UK maximising the ISA potential.
I am so tempted to make a John Lewis type marketing advert for this, just to get the word out. Maybe raise more capital to get this project scope going!

Jane walks into John Lewis, can’t decide what to get for her siblings when she returns to home for Christmas. She walks past the gift card section. Then a pink attractive card with the initial FT intrigues her. She picks it up and flips it around. She buys two and tops up 50 quid each.

Jane goes home on her Macbook Air logs on to the FT Gift website and enters a long 35 digit code. She enters her sibling’s name and buys some Pinterest Shares for her sister who is a fashion designer. The second she buys some Gregs shares for her porky pie brother who loves the franchise.

Walking through the door on Christmas day her sibling receives a text and email which says, ‘You are currently a shareholder of Greggs’. Merry Xmas!

The camera spans out through the garden and the dog is still jumping on the trampoline.

Goodnight folks…its been a long Monday :slight_smile:


@MooMooCoo absolutely love this!!! Please implement this FT :pray::pray::pray:

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I think this is a good idea and it will be a first introduction to investing for a lot of people. However, I can see it being a fair amount of admin for Freetrade to implement and they would obviously want the giftee to make an account to access the share to get them using the app.

Reading online, it looks like the normal way to gift shares is to fill out a stock transfer form.

Great idea though, I hope it’s added at some point.

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+1 I agree that this would be worthwhile feature.

Stake has offered this feature for some time now.